Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poor Little Guy

This is Preston, and he has not been feeling very well.  You would never know it by looking at him, or by listening to him, or by watching him play.  He has been so very happy, but he has had the same nasty ear infection for the last three weeks.  We have tried two rounds of oral antibiotics, but they have not kicked it.  So on Monday his doctor gave us the choice to do another round of oral antibiotics, or we could start the injectable antibiotics.  This morning Preston had his third round of shots.  Poor little guy started hysterically crying when we pulled in the parking lot this morning.  After three days of the same routine I think he realized what was going to happen.  But his ears looked much better this morning, and we should be done for a long time. 
Our doctor did bring up on Monday that if this persist for another couple weeks that we may need to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor to talk about the possibility of tubes.  I kindly told her that I was not still breastfeeding twins at 13.5 months old to do tubes, and I let her know if she wanted to keep us as patients that she would respect the fact that we do not do tubes.  You can read Taylor’s story here.  Hopefully we are done with ear infections for a long time because I am 100% sure that I will not put another set of tubes in my children’s ears.  I know that Taylor’s story is one in a million but with my luck it will happen to me again.
Hopefully this little guy will be well for the rest of the cold season!

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