Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And I love this little face

Taylor has been the best bedrest partner!
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I love this little face.....

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Bedrest Day Three

Yes that is right I have been put on full-time bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy- only 10 weeks and 1 day left to go. I am not sure it will ever end but my sister got these great chairs and now I can do my bedrest outside under the great big sycamore tree and watch my kids play. My sister Mary comes over everyday and she makes me laugh and that helps time go by faster!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Pictures From Taylor trip

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Pictures from Taylor Alabama trip

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Taylor Update and Prayer Request

Tomorrow we head to Little Rock for our 5th surgery on Taylor’s little precious ear. We pray and ask for prayers that the doctor is able to patch the hole in his ear, and that his hearing be restored to normal. My little boy has been such a trooper.

Speaking of my TLC (Taylor Lee Coble) – him and his manna have spent the past week in Alabama visiting family and having the time of their life. On their way over to Alabama they stopped for many adventures, including the Murphysboro Diamond dig. I hear they made it 30 minutes before deciding that it was hard work and they would just prefer to buy their diamonds.

If his surgery goes well tomorrow and he feels like it, he will head to Baton Rouge with his manna for another week and half before driving back with a horse trailer and horse right before the Fourth of July holiday. I sure have missed him and will miss him for another couple weeks, but I greatly appreciate his manna for taking him on all of these adventures because this doctor mandated bed rest does not allow for me to entertain him very well.

Pregnancy Update Week 27

For mom’s records.

Where to start, since I have gotten so far behind with my pregnancy post. I guess I will start by commenting that I am in bed on my back at 1:09 in the afternoon because I have been put on half days of bed rest. At week25 we had a bit of a preterm labor scare, and spent most of the night in the ER. I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes and it took a lot to get them to stop. Luckily I have not started to dilate, so we have that working for us. Since our little scare I have cut back my hours at work, and am trying to spend more type in bed with the pressure of the babies off of me. We went back for our weekly appointment on Tuesday, and the doctor officially put me on half days of bed rest, and said if the contractions don’t stop by next week’s visit then I would be going on full time bed rest.

The bed rest piece is not that fun, especially since I may have 11 more weeks of it, but whatever it takes to keep our little ones safe and in place for the next 2.5 months!!

Names: Baby A is our little girl and she will be named Addison Brooke, baby B is our little boy and he will called Preston Anthony.

Baby Update: Both babies are growing at the same speed, and look to be very healthy. We did have to go to Little Rock for a level 2 ultra sound. At our 20 week ultra sound the doctor detected a dark spot in Addison’s heart, and some type of mass growing on the placenta between the two of them. Luckily the spot in Addison heart was gone at 24 weeks, and the mass on the placenta has no blood circulating through it and is nothing to worry about. That was honestly the most stressful four weeks of mine and Ryan’s life. When the doctor gave us our results Ryan and I looked at each other gave each other a high five, and said “let’s get the hell out of here.” Never again do I pray that we ever have to worry about one of our children having down syndrome, or the fear that one of them might have cancer. I thank God daily that Taylor and Emma Grace are so healthy, and that Addison and Preston are looking that way as well.

Like I said both babies are doing well. Some ultra sounds Preston is one day bigger than Addison and some ultrasounds Addison is one day bigger than Preston. There heart rates are always switching amongst them as well, but one thing has always been constant: Addison has always laid across the bottom of my belly, and Preston across the top of my belly. They are both transverse, which means that I will have to have a c-section if they don’t change positions soon. Which really is a bummer since I have had such easy deliveries with Emma Grace and Taylor. I have a feeling my luck is running out. I was always able to take on the world after having the first two, easy delivery and felt great afterwards even while nursing Emma Grace every two hours during the night. I think I have met my match with these twins of ours! I am looking forward to what the future holds, and how it bonds us together as a family tighter than before.

Did I mention that we sold our house (actually gave our house away)? Yep that is right we closed on it last Friday. Ryan and I are pretty excited to have that extra responsibility off of our plate!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spend the night party

We are having Lucy spend the night tonight so her parents can have a nice night out. Her and Emma Grace are having the best time!
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The Rail Pizza

We had the nest dinner out with Emily and the Bost last night. New place in Rogers called The Rail Pizza.
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Dirtiest Little Girl Ever

Emma Grace discovered the sand box last night at dinner and she had the best time!
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First hail cut

Emma Grace we got your first hair cut today and a peddicure today. You did so well. I can't believe we cut off the hair you had when you were born 3 years ago.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

I am glad they did not over heat!

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Spoil me rotten week

We are looking forward to spoiling this little girl rotten while her brother is out of town this week. We are going to the kid spa tomorrow and her favorite pizza tonight. Taylor and his manna headed to Alabama yesterday.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday

Yesterday during the yard sale we let the kids play outside all day long.
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Lazy Summer Sundays

This morning we woke up to a sick Taylor so we stayed home from church and entertained Emma Grace with popsicles outside. Life does not get much more relaxing than this.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard sale

"Look at the stuff isn't it neat wouldn't you think my collections complete wouldn't you think I'm the girl who has everything." Name that movie!

Yes we are having a garage sale today! Everything must go.
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