Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This past week Taylor was out of school for spring break, so instead of hiring a baby sistter for the week I took off of work and we headed down to Baton Rouge with my sisters, Luc, and Emma Grace. Ryan had to work, so unfortunately he was not able to join us. I have written about these situations in the past where my sisters and I get these crazy ideas to leave town without our husbands, and our kids make us crazy and we only end up staying about three days, well this trip was so much diffeent. We stayed at "Hotel Bullington" as Taylor referred to my parents condo, and we just relaxed for one week solid. We had a blast and our kids were so very good. hotel Bullington makes relaxation easy; there was a nice heated pool and hot tub right at our finger tips. The condo was surrounded by three lakes, so we went on adventure walks and canoe rides. Taylor and I stayed up late every night and roasted marshmallows on G-Daddy's fire pit. We ate amazing Cajon food, and we even made it down to New Orleans for a couple days. Thank you G-daddy and Manna for such an amazing trip!!!

Emma Grace really started talking a lot more on this trip. I think she was trying to compete with her younger cousin Lucy who loves to talk! Emma started saying, "motorcycle," "Coble," more please," and my favorite "me mine." Whenever Emma wanted something she would say in her little petite voice "me mine, me mine, me mine." It was so cute. Her and Lucy did such a great job playing together. Hopefully they did not mess up G-Daddy's house too much.

The best surprise of all was my mom made a surprise appearance to Baton Rouge for a couple days to visit with us. She has been in Alabama with my Granddad as he has been recovering from open heart surgery.Great update on my Granddad - he is making very slow but steady progress to recovery each and every day. After two weeks in ICU they released him to a non critical area of the hospital. Thank you everyone for your prayers, they have been much needed and appreciated.

The next few post will have lots of pictures form our trip. Enjoy!

The good life:

Eat Me:

BFF's - I am so thankful these girls were born with a best friend.
I love these houses:

Have you ever seen anything so very cute?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taylor's 6th Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago we had Taylor's 6th Birthday party with all of his friends friends and family at the Jump Zone. We had so much fun playing and catching up with everyone, and Taylor absolutely loved being the center of attention. he kept asking me and Ryan "is the Birthday boy the most special at the party?" We said, "of course the Bitthday boy is the most special." He loved all the attention, until it came to everyone singing Happy Birthday to him and then he got a little bit shy!!! I love you my baby boy, I still can't believe that you are already 6 years old. If you could Taylor, do me a favor, and "quit growing up so fast?"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Taylor

We love you Taylor, and want to with you a Happy Birthday. You are such a sweet and special little boy, and I am so happy that I am your Mommy. I just have one favor to ask you – “could you please stop growing up so fast?” Goodness gracious I wish I could freeze time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mess Maker, Mess Maker, Making a Mess

I love you Emma Grace, but you are messy!

Beautiful Spring Weather

The weather has been so nice here over the last week. We have spent a lot of time playing outside. Emma Grace just loves running around in the yard, and Taylor and I have been getting our garden area ready to plant. We even made a compost container, out of an old trashcan, this week and we have been working really hard to save all of our produce scraps to put in it. Well follow up in a couple months to let you know how it is going.

Too Sweet Sisters do Bentonville’s First Friday Event

Last Friday, Mary, Emily, and I packed up our 1000 Cakelettes and headed to the Bentonville Square to participate in the local First Friday Event. This is a huge town event that vendor get together and entertain families and sell really yummy food. We had a blast. It truly wore us out, but it was completely worth it. Don’t we look professional with our new sign and aprons? We only sold about 400 Cakelettes, but we demoed 300, and have already found a home for 150. This month in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we were selling chocolate Cakelettes drizzled with green.

We will be out on the square again next month selling coconut, key lime, and one surprise flavor. We hope to see you all there!

Just Like Big Brother

Emma Grace- lately you love to do everything that your big brother does, and that even includes wearing his Star Wars Underwear. You will find a pair of Taylor underwear and put them on over you pajamas and you will not let anyone take them off of you. You insist on sleeping in them. It is actually pretty cute. Here is a picture of you this morning when we got you out of bed sporting your Star Wars Underwear. You are too cute!!!

Funny Emma Grace Story

The other morning we were eating breakfast and Emma Grace was not eating much, so I asked her “Can you put the sausage biscuit in your belly?” She immediately lifted up her shirt looked and pointed at her belly and then stuck her sausage biscuit down the neck of her shirt. It was pretty cute!

Funny Taylor Stories

Story 1:
The other night Taylor had a rough night, and was not making good choices. I had asked him several times if he would stop doing what he was doing, and he continued to not listen to me. I finally told him he had earned a spanking. (Please note that I can still count on two had how many spankings Taylor has had over the span of his life, and what each one of them was for. We just don’t believe in spankings. We like to try other, non violent approaches over spankings.) Taylor and I sat down before I game him a spanking, and we talked about the situation. I told him “Taylor I do not like to spank you, it breaks mommy’s heart, but I just don’t know what to do with you. Time outs don’t seem to be working, taking away your Wii does not seem to be working, running laps in the yard does not seem to be working, so we are going to have to get a spanking. Taylor’s immediate response was “mom you have tried the spankings before and they don’t seem to be working either. We need to try something else.” After hearing this I really could not help but laugh to myself. Taylor you really are a smart little guy!

Story 2:
Recently Taylor’s class has been studying US history, and the other day Taylor said “when I am president I am going to invent 2 laws, and they are:
1. If you kill any of God’s animals you will go to jail.
2. If you litter God’s beautiful world you will go to jail.”

Ryan’s response was “you must be a Democrat son.” Taylor you have such a big heart and I love you.