Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blue Ridge Family Weekend

This past weekend we packed up the kids and headed for a family get-a-way in a cabin in the mountains.  And I truly have to say that we had the best time and created wonderful memories with the kids.  Preston took his first step, never to do it again, but took a step for only his daddy to see.  We all enjoyed the Fish Hatchery, mining for gems, exploring the exotic pet store, roasting marshmallows over the grill (because we were too lazy to hike back down to the fire pit!), wearing babies while shopping in the beautiful town of Blue Ridge, swimming in the hot tub and staying up late with the big kids watching old movies. 
The big kids really enjoyed fishing with their daddy and picking apples at the Apple Orchard.  They also enjoyed morning number two when they both woke up and realized that mom and dad had slept in the same bed and them.  We decided that it is not worth sleeping in the same room as the babies because no one sleeps well, and we did not want to sleep on the futon, so we just all piled up in the King size bed!!! 
I think Ryan most enjoyed watching the big kids get excited about catching fish, and watching me fall all the way down the stairs.  I was only mildly hurt, but Ryan said he could not help but laugh because it looked like a scene from a cartoon, because I bounced on my bottom all the way down the stairs. 
Ryan and I were too funny wearing our babies around town because we had packed our ginormous jogging stroller, but it had a flat tire and we could not use it the whole trip!  Great memories were created and we look forward to going back to the mountains once a year. 

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Char said...

Love all of the pictures - please keep them coming. ;-)
Glad you all had fun and the mountains are beautiful!