Wednesday, October 17, 2012

End of an Era

I have pulled out all of my baby stuff and listed it on my mother’s of multiples web site, and on craigslist.  I still can’t believe one that we had so much baby stuff, and two that we have come to the end of this era in life.  I can’t believe that will never have another baby, and I will never use need this stuff again.  I waited so long (my whole life) to have children, I could not wait to have babies, and now it is all over.  It all happened so very fast!

Back to my original post.  I have listed all my baby stuff for sale, and I have sold a large percent of the big things!  I have already made $700!  Which I have already spent!  I hired out all of our yard work last week, and I will use this to pay for part of that.  I am so excited about my yard!  I will have to post pictures soon.  We used to have half of our back yard covered in English Ivy and Bamboo – which was all just a breeding ground for snakes and mesquites.  It was too much work for me and Ryan to try to tackle with our many children, so we let someone else come and do it! 

Again I digress – the point of this post is I am selling baby stuff.  I told my neighbor this weekend that “I promise I am not selling drugs, given all the traffic I have coming through the neighborhood!  Just posting stuff on Craigslist.”  I am sad to be done with this stage of life, but excited to be moving on to different things. 
The other day when we were in the mountains trying to pack up our stuff to come home Ryan and I started talking about all of the stuff that we would miss and not miss from having babies.  I have posted part of our list below, because it was such a heartfelt conversation. 

Not Miss:
All the gear: stroller’s, pack and play’s, car seats
Weaning of Pacifiers
Up in the middle of the night

Addison’s backwards hand wave and high pitch squeal when she says “HI”
Watching babies learn new things
Tickling bellies, and getting hysterical laughs
Nursing a baby (this was on my list, not Ryan’s)

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Char said...

I am so thankful for the 4 babies that you two brought into my life. Love you all so much.