Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Spot Dog

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Dino Craft Time

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My Christmas Babies

Emma Grace Loves to be Addison's Twin! They are so sweet together.
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Christmas in Fayetteville

I love Christmas in Fayetteville, and watching my kids faces light up at the Christmas joy!
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Thanksgiving Craft Time

The kids had the best time making cinnamon Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving! We don't get to get out of the house much so I try to always make sure we have crafts planned, and the kids love them!
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Thanksgiving Fun

We had a wonderful thanksgiving spent with family this year. I looooooove getting to spend the day cooking with my sisters. Missed mom and dad but maybe next year.
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My Twins!

Yes that is Preston with a bow on....
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My Twins!

Yes that is Preston with a bow on....
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Land Pictures

My blog readers can ignore these pictures – these are pictures of our land that I have posted for my architect.  He works in Little Rock so this was the easiest place to upload the pictures to. 


• Four Bedrooms
      o One Master
      o 3 Kids
           One bigger than other – girls will share after done with nursery
• 3 - 3.5 Bathrooms
     o Master Bathroom
     o Boy’s Bathroom
           Jack and Jill area (either in boys or girls)
     o Girl’s Bathroom
           Maybe two sinks

• If budget allows – would be appealing room beside the foyer
• Could potently turn into a bedroom
• Built in bookcases

Laundry Room:
• Either two laundry rooms or a spot for two washers and dryers
• Room for dirty clothes organizer
• Countertops
• Cabinet space
• Would like laundry room to lead to the backyard so we can have a dog door leading to fenced in yard for dogs.
• Ironing station cabinet built in wall
• Built in kennel
• Lots of space to store all kids cloths so they can get dressed in laundry room and I don’t have to run all over the house putting up clean cloths
• Maybe double as study with room for desk

Extra’s – Wish List:
• Pool – space to one day maybe put in a pool
• Security System – maybe, could be added when kids get older
• Basement and/or Attic – unfinished
• Porch – can we construct now so that we can enclose one day?
• Washable paint – not flat
• Non textured walls
• White ceilings
• Consider exterior wood burning stove for supplemental heat
• Lots of cabinets
• Large drawers to store in
• Large Island to fit four bar stools
• Room for a kitchen table
• Needs to be close to garage/carport – for carrying in groceries
• Gas stove
• Place for china cabinet or a built in

• Would like for Den and kitchen to be one long conjoined room so that family can be in one space at one time.

House First Floor:
• Would like tall ceilings on first floor, and tall doors – maybe?

Front Porch:
• Would like to build so that one day we could enclose, and add square footage.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look how they have grown

Pictures in the boppy to show how we have grown. At 12 weeks old they almost don't fit in it together.
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