Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amazing Letters

If you are interested in ordering some of your own phenomenal customized letters you can contact Candice Jones at: They will make a beautiful addition to any room and a lifelong keepsake for you or you child.

From my sister Mary: "My sister's friend Candice made these for Lucy and we are so proud to own them. They are going to look great in Lucy's room and they cordinate with her bedding perfectly. I am so excited about them!!!"

These are pictures of some name letters that a dear friend made for Miss. Emma’s room. I thought these were so amazingly well done that I would post them for everyone to enjoy. I don’t have them hanging on the wall yet because I need my husbands help, but I could not wait to put them on our Blog. The artist name is Candice and she does wonderful work. Not only does she make letters she also scrapbooks, makes cards and invitations, and just about anything that one can dream up. If you would like to contact her for ordering information just let me know – I know she would be happy to work with you.

Thank you Candice we love Emma’s name letters.


The Timbs Clan said...

I love those Letters!!!
I may see about getting Katie and Chloe's done

Audrey said...

Now that I have my fabric and colors picked out I think I definitely need to get in touch with your friend. I think something like that would look perfect in the nursery!