Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girl's Night

Here are a few pictures that I did not want to loose from mine and Emily's girls night a couple weeks ago.  We went down to the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta and had a wonderful night.  It was mid January and it was so warm outside we were able to sit on the patio. I do like that about Atlanta.  Oh how I miss my sisters.  I wish they still lived right down the road from me. 

Couples Date Night

On Saturday we were able to go out with some other couples and it was soooooooo much fun.  It is always fun when someone else bathes my kids and puts them to bed for me!  Oops did I say that out loud.  We had a great baby sitter this week.  It was one on my sisters childhood friends, who now lives in Atlanta.  She was wonderful, and my kids loved having her around.  Anyway back to my Saturday night.  Most of these women and I have become friends through church or our children's school.  I heart these ladies and their families and am so thankful God has put them in our life.  Luckily all of our husbands get along well and it make for fun times.  All but one of these couples is very new to East Cobb and it is so wonderful that we are all new and are trying to maneuver through this together. 

Happy 5th Birthday Abby

On Sunday Emma Grace was invited to her friend Abby's birthday party.  Now that we are not in preschool anymore it was so nice for Emma Grace to get to see some of her old friends.  It was so cute when a few of the boys walked up to Emma Grace and said "Where have you been at school we have missed you."  I just loved that they noticed she was gone and it made her feel so good about herself.  Although ever since the party she has been wanting to go back to school to see her friends.  Next week her and I will start doing tours of private kindergarten options for next year.  We don't feel she is ready for public kindergarten but we will probably do private one, and determine after the year if she is ready for public first grade or if we need another year in kindergarten in the public setting. 

Back to Abby's birthday.....   there were ponies and all the kids loved them except mine.  She said there were ponies in Arkansas on the farm, and she was scared of them.  But she did love the rope swing and she suckered Ms. VanLoh into pushing her on the swing. 

We are going to miss Abby and her family so much, because they are moving to Seattle to work for Amazon in a couple weeks.  We are so happy for them because it is an awesome opportunity but I am going to miss Abby's mom so much.  She has become a dear friend of mine.  Oh well such is life. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Next Big Project....

Alright now that Christmas is behind us we are in full swing of Valentine's crafts and decorations.  Today Emma Grace and I did Valentine crafts all day long.  The babies even helped out. 
I don't think that I have put in my blog yet that right before Christmas I took the three little kids out of their preschool program.  I just could not keep the twins well, we had had three months of back to back ear infections and I when the doctor started talking about tubes I said "time out" and took everyone out of their public exposure.  We might try again next year but for now we will do school and crafts at home.  Emma Grace misses her friends but she loves being at home with me. 
All three of my little kids have soooooo much fun painting, and they especially love it when they get to use their fingers and toes.  Something about the cold paint I guess.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

16 Months and Counting

Can't believe my babies are 16 months old now.  Where has time gone?  Look how sassy Addison looks in the pictures. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas, Christmas time is past.......

All right here goes, again.  I really hate it when I get behind in blogging.  Maybe I have a good excuse right now besides my four children ,I have had visitors for four weeks straight.  I have loved every minute of my visitor, I have just not had time to blog.  My sister just went home on Monday after staying with us for three weeks.  I tried not to do anything that would distract from me getting to spend every last minute with her.  She was so very generous to extend her week visit to three weeks.  Ryan had a hunting trip last week and he was gone for 5 days, so I begged Emily to stay with me extra so she could help with the kids.  And she gladly did.
So with that being said, I have not posted any pictures from Christmas or New Years. Oh wait I was in bed by 9:00 on New Year’s so I don’t have any pictures.  But I do have some incredible memories of that week.  You see my little Addison, decided that the week of New Years she was going to wake up in the middle of the night, every night for 7 night straight.  And during this awake time she screamed for 3-5 hours at a time, and would not go back to sleep.  Well, New Year’s eve ALL of our neighbors decided that they would shoot fireworks at midnight.  We’ll that just set Addison off earlier than normal, and our neighbors went until 1:30, at that point I walked outside on my deck and yelled at them (they laughed at me), and my husband called the police and there were no more fireworks, but I did have a screaming baby until 4:00 a.m.  Finally by Friday I took her to the doctor, with both of us in tears.  I think he felt so bad for me (because I was crying) he stayed with us for 30 minutes trying to figure out what was going on.  He diagnosed it as GAS……  Sorry baby girl I got to get this one in writing.  After a week of probiotics and Gas Drops we were good to go. 
Today I got pictures from all of my old team mates at WhiteWave, and they are on a team trip in sunny Florida, and I am starting to wonder what in the world I gave up to change diapers all day…..  I miss my old work (a lot), lately I have really been contemplating going back to work.  But when I start looking at job postings I start remembering that maybe I don’t want to go back to work.  I hated the stress of work, and having a family to care for.  And I hated annual performance review – don’t know why I just always hated the act of having to account for what I did for the year.  Plus when I talk to my kids about it they prefer that I am at home. 
Sorry for my ramblings.  Here are some Christmas pictures. 

I just love this little outfit on Preston - it was Taylor's when he was a baby boy.  Oh where has time gone.  I was just thinking this week that Taylor is about to be 9, and that technically means half of his time in my house is gone.  I am not ready for that. 
I love this picture of Preston - he just looks go determined. 
And this one too.
I think Aunt Emily has spend every Christmas with us for the past 9 years.  We just love having her. 
They really do love each other. 
Preston loves Emma Grace's new shopping cart!!!
Emma Grace swears that when she grows up that she is going to be a doctor, so she got scrubs and a lab coat for Christmas.  I paid a fortune to have them special made, and she refuses to wear them.  The lab coat says "Dr. Coble" on it, and she says she is not wearing it because she does not start with a "D she starts with an E".  I just love her.  I would love it if she was a doctor when she grows up, but I know that she is only going to do what she wants to do, so I can't wait to see what God has in store for her.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Day of First in the Coble House

Today was Taylor’s first day back to school after being out of 18 days, but who is counting. Taylor is so excited to get back. I think he was getting bored at home. Bless his heart I went upstairs last night to go to bed at about 9:30 (yes I am that kind of person), and I found him still reading. I said “Taylor it is 9:30 you have got to go to sleep because you have a big day back at school tomorrow.” He said “oh no, dad was supposed to come up here and tell me when it was 8:00 so I could quit reading.” I guess I need to buy him his own clock! But I am so proud of my little reader. He has really taken to his bible, and he has finished Genesis in just 2 days. I love that he love the Lord and that he loves to read. He make me so proud. On Sunday he stated a Bible Drill class at church and he is so excited, he has high hopes to make it to the State Church Drills. It is so funny to see the things that he is competitive with and the things he is not competitive with. He hates sports, but he loves all things academic and he is determined to do his best with them.

Right before Christmas break I took the twins back to the doctor to have their ears checked because they just were not feeling well. Turns out they both had double ear infections again, so I did what any rational mom would do and I pulled all three of my babies out of their preschool program. I am not sure what I was thinking because now I have to get Emma Grace ready for kindergarten all by myself, and now I really never get a minute to myself. Oh well, I am not putting another child in tubes and I really was not 100% happy with Emma Grace’s preschool teachers anyway.

A big first for us is that at 16 months old Ms. Addison has started to walk (some). She now knows how to walk and we know that for a fact, but she still prefers to crawl.

So those are our first for the New Years. Speaking of New Year’s, I did not really make any New Year’s resolutions because I suck at getting all things done these days, but I do hope to blog more, not just post pictures but write stories about the kids. We will see how that goes.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Early Christmas

A couple weeks ago Aunt Jennifer sent the kids an early Christmas gift and my kids had so much getting to dig into their gifts. I just love the picture of Emma Grace in the hat that Aunt Jennifer sent her.  She has been wearing it non stop.  Thank you Aunt Jennifer for our Christmas gifts. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Random Phone Pictures

I don't want to loose these cute random pictures, so I am just going to mass post them here. 

 I don't know what we are going to start wearing now that we can't wear Nene's Christmas shirts.  We were spoiled this season!

This is Alison and Brianna and Taylor.  A and B are twins, and when they wore these shirts I commented that for twins they had very different sports opinions.  Brianna quickly piped up and said "we are faternal twins."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beauty Shop Week

Let me first start by saying Happy New Year.  I really can't believe that it is already 2013.  Where has the year gone. 

Last week Emma Grace and I got to go and get our East Cobb Bob, and Cara and I had a girls night and got manicures and pedicures and I now feel like a new women.  I guess now that I am now working outside of the home I have just let myself go because my gray was really bad and I had not had my toes done in 6 weeks.  I forgot how much I love to feel good about myself!  Now if I could just magically loose the 10 pounds that I want to loose I will be in good shape! 

I was not planning on Emma Grace getting her hair cut this short but it is very cute she just looks about 6 now instead of 4.  She was already sassy enough before the cut now she is extra sassy!

New hair cut and color!