Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow day fun inside bounce house

Snow Days

I hear it does not snow very often in Georgia (that is why I agreed to move here).  Yet it has snowed twice in the last two weeks!  The kids loved it and we had some wonderful down time with daddy.  Emma grace got to build her first snowman.  

More snow

Taylor date night

I love to date my children.  Especially this little boy.  He is so smart and so funny to be around.  And he likes to pick really good food for our date nights. 

Valantine's Day

The kids and I had a special Valentine 's together this year.  Ryan had to work so we celebrated without him!  Emma grace loved helping make heart shaped pancakes and pink milk!  Special memories made.

Cabin Weekend 2014

This weekend we were able to go to the mountains with our dear friends.  It was a wonderful weekend with lots of playing and memories made!  I love how good  all of our children play together.