Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art Time in the Bath Tub

I love to do art with my children, and it is so much fun now that the babies are getting to a fun age to participate.  Here are some pictures of an activity that we did this week at bath time.  These are edible paints, and it was so much fun that even Taylor wanted to jump in and do them (but he did not want to get in the tub with this three little siblings.)  I had some cool whip in the freezer that I did not have plans for, so I pulled it out and let it thaw, and then I filled up my silicone muffin pans with cool whip and a little drop of food coloring.  I put the little kids in the tub and let them go to town.  Everything was going really well until Addison figured out that she could eat the paint!  Her dominant side came out when she would not let anyone else have the paints out of the muffin tins!  She was very cute holding onto her prized possession.  Everyone had great fun and then we just filled the tub up with water and had our bath.  No mess activity!!!!


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