Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preparing for Christmas

Here are some pictures of the final product. For some reason this year I just was not in the mood to pull out Christmas, but my Taylor loved every minute of it. At one point he had to put me in my place. He said “mom you don’t make this very fun at all” and I said “way not?” “Because you are sooooo bossy.” So I just stepped back and let him have at it. He was probably right I am pretty bossy (obsessive compulsive). But I did let him decorate his own tree for this own room, which I left decorated just how he left it. Unfortunately I did feel it necessary to make a few adjustments to the family room tree (because we are trying to sell our house.) Next year it is all him though – I’m not ever going to have any part of it.

Today it is snowing outside so that has helped to get us in the Christmas sprit. Maybe we will get more than just at dusting at some point this year.

This year Mary and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and we had so much fun together out shopping the bargains. We were too funny because we left the house at 4:30 a.m. and were back home by 9:00 a.m. But after the devastating news of all the deaths, during this time, in other parts of the county I am not sure that I ever want to do it again. Can you believe that people would kill other people just to buy some cheep Chinese made crap?

Taylor and Daddy putting the tree together
Taylor's Tree

Family Tree

Emma Grace loves her Jump-A-Roo

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with our family. We were able to spend time at Nene and Poppy’s with Uncle Sean, Cousin Lawson and Britain, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Audrey, Great Grandma Green, and Uncle Sean’s friend Chuck.

Then we got to go over to Mana and G-Daddy’s house to celebrate with Aunt Mary, Uncle Jonathan and cousin Lucy. We missed you Aunt Emily, and we were going to try to call you but by the time we got over there it would have been about 2:00 in the morning Prague time. We love you and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving (cant wait to see you in 15 days). This year at mom’s house we ordered Thanksgiving from Mimi’s Café (because my parent go in so late on Wednesday night from Baton Rouge), and it was the best ever. We may never cook another Thanksgiving meal again. (It was only $80.00 and they and they had everything made for us and packaged so very nicely – I highly recommend it).

Taylor loves the holidays and had the best time waiting for the anticipation of decorating for Christmas. Emma and Lucy found each other’s hands and held them for the longest time (so very sweet).

Nene and Emma Grace
Ms. Britain

Nene’s edible Thanksgiving decorations
Poppy and Emma GraceRyan and Aaron on Thanksgiving afternoon after an early morning Duck Hunt
Lucy and Emma Grace

Emma Grace, G-Daddy, Taylor , Lucy, and Manna
With Aunt Mary

Monday, November 24, 2008

Let Play – Guess the Coble Baby

Picture A:
Picture B:

(Answer: Emma is picture A, and Taylor is picture B.)

Thanksgiving at Pop Roy’s and Grandma Suzie’s House

On Saturday we spend the evening having an early Thanksgiving at Pop Roy’s and Grandma Suzie’s house. Taylor did not get to join us since he was in Branson, so I only have pictures of Emma Grace.

Taylor's Spoil Me Rotten Weekend

Check out Nene and Poppy's place to see Taylor's spoil me rotten weekend.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emma Grace is 4 Months

My baby girl you are now 4 months old and just as perfect as you can be. We went to the doctor yesterday and she agreed that you were pretty perfect. Here were your stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 9 ounces (25 percentile)
Height: 24 ¾ inches (70 percentile)
Head Circumference: 16inches (40 percentile)

I think you are going to be a tiny little girl. We love you and this has been a special last four months. P.S. if there is anyway that you could slow down how fast you are growing up I would really appreciate it. Love, Mommy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Update

What a crazy week. Secretly I am really ready for my parents to come home because it has been extra hectic around their house this week. In my last post I updated everyone on the baby horse. Well the horse is going to make it, but my parents old farm dog Clementine was not so lucky on Tuesday night. We believe the same animal that attacked the horse attacked Clementine, and she passed away on Wednesday. Sad story but that leads me to the hectic part of our week. My wonderful husband is bound-and-determined to catch this animal that is attacking my parents animals, and he has spent several late night out at their place looking for the darn things. We’ll go back out there tonight and try one more time and then we are going to hire the work out to my mom’s vet’s son who does this type of thing periodically.

We seriously would not have made it thru this week without the help of my parent’s friend (aka “farm extraordinaire”) Johnny. Johnny is helping my parents build a fence and a barn, and just helping them do some odd project around that house that they are not going to be able to get to since they are now in Baton Rouge. Well Johnny came over on Sunday to help load up the mother horse (who is a pain to load). Unfortunately she is so hard to load that Ryan and Jonathan would not have been able to do it without Johnny. Johnny also found Clementine on Wednesday and rushed her to the vet, and stayed with her until they told him they were not going to be able to save her. Then he took her body back to the farm and buried her with her brother up on top of the hill. Keep in mind my parents just met Johnny a couple months ago. What kind of person does that for someone? Well Johnny does, and to our family he is proof that angels do walk among us. I know that you will not read this Johnny but thank you for everything. You are an inspiration for all, and a reminder of how we should live our lives daily.

On a more exciting note Thursday night at Wrestling Taylor would get hurt and run over to me and ask me to "kiss it and make it better", and Ryan would yell "there is no kissing in wrestling." Taylor and Kenneth are pretty cute during their practices. Even when they are not paying attention they are pretty cute. I truly believe that the coach is going to help break them of that soon though!!!

Taylor also got his hair cut on Thursday and Ms. Tammy made him a Mohawk (see pictures below). He thought that it would make him tougher for wrestling. But he did not make it all night long. About 30 minutes after we got home he came to my crying that it was hurting his head and he wanted a shower. It must have really hurt if he wanted a shower!!!

Taylor with his Shirt on backwards:

All the kids had to take their shirts off to play a game:

Taylor bossing Kenneth:
Taylor's Mohawk
Taylor's Mohawk

Taylor in his wrestling head gear:

Emma Grace:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update on the Coble's:

Wow – what a crazy last few days. Let see I’ll start by writing about our weekend. Not that all of it was exciting news, but that some of it was just things I want to remember for a longtime to come.

On Saturday Ryan and his brother Sean went pig hunting down around Fort Smith. I was so looking forward to them bringing home a pig (for many reasons such as bacon, ribs, ham, pork chops, and did I mention bacon). Well much to my surprise I was informed that wild pigs don’t taste nearly as good as store bought bacon. But I don’t guess it matters much anyways because after a full day of hunting they did not catch a thing. Oh well better luck next time (which I think will be in January), so I will keep you updated on how wild hog taste.

Long Story. On Sunday we all got up to go over to my mom’s house early to feed the animals. While Ryan was feeding the horses he counted 5 of them, and discovered that little “Red-Head” (this is what Taylor named him) was missing. At first I did not think much of this because Red-Head is typically known to be a lazy colt (he is only about 3 months old). But there have been times before that I have found him just lying on top of the hill sunbathing while the rest of the horses are lined up waiting to eat. Well on Sunday after Ryan searched for him for a while he finally stumbled upon him, and before Ryan even got all the way to him he started hollering for me to call the vet. Poor Red-Head had been beaten up very badly, and poor Ryan hates horses (well he is just scared of them) and he was in the pin having to care for him. Meanwhile I was trying to keep Taylor away from everything because he would have been devastated if he had seen his baby horse looking that bad, and I was trying to track down a vet. Luckily we got a hold of Mary and Jonathan who came down to help us out.

Ryan and Jonathan had to load Red-Head up and carry him down to the vet in Fayetteville, and when they go there the vet told them that this colt had not been weaned yet and they had to go get its mother and bring it down also. This turned out to be a long day and probably more than my poor husband meant for us to bite off, but he always seems to amaze me. That poor horse was so badly hurt, but Ryan stuck in there with it. My mom’s neighbor came down to help the boys out and he kept saying that he would not even bother to take the animal to the vet because it was in such bad shape. He kept saying he would just take care of it himself (if you know what I mean). But Ryan absolutely was not comfortable with that option, and he wanted to get it to the vet.

The update from the vet was he thought the horse was going to pull out of it, and be okay. Great news!!! My brother-in-law Jonathan is so funny he has such a wild imagination and always has the best analogies. He said at one point, after they found out that Red Head was going to be alright, “he is going to look like a patch work quilt when they get him back together and his tail might not be in the right spot anymore but he sure is a sweet horse.” The vet said the horse probably got attacked by a pack of coyotes.

Ryan is pretty excited now because he is planning his first coyote hunt. Like I said he always seems to amaze me. One minute he can’t put a hurt animal down, but the next he can’t wait to take care of some nuisance coyotes.

Long story, but I always want to remember how brave, and caring my husband was in this instance. It really is the way that he lives his life daily but this was a solid reminder of why I love him so much. I love you sweetie and thank you for helping that poor baby animal and my parents out.

Really the only good thing that came out of this all was I got to spend the whole day with my sister Mary and Lucy. And not to mention I got to spend the whole day with her on Saturday also. Just like old times!!!

Funny Story. Ryan picked out Taylor clothes for school and put them on the couch and when Taylor got to them he said: “It’s not a church day daddy. I don’t wear brown pants on school days only church days.” I love that little boy. He also refuses to wear his brown shoes on school days and Saturday’s.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not a fan of AdSense

I’m not a fan of the AdSense but thanks for helping everyone. There are other advertising options out there that I think will be much better than Google’s AdSense, but for now no more advertising. Thanks again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Friday Afternoon Adventure

Taylor you love going to Toys-R-Us, so that is what we did today. I gave you a budget of $30 and you we walked that store for 1.5 hours with you negotiating what you wanted to whole time. It was a great time and very entertaining watching you decide how to spend your money. You ended up with a Nerf Gun, a styrofoam sward, and a bucket full of plastic sea life animals.

Funny story: while we were out evidently you saw a man smoking a cigarette, and you said to me “hey mom I saw a man cigaretting.” You are so cute and so innocent. Right now you know smoking is disgusting and it will kill you. And if we ever see anyone out smoking you say quietly “hey mom that person is going to die.” I don’t mean to scare you little boy, but we have always preached to you that smoking is bad for you and will kill you. I hope that you take that advice and never do anything to hurt your precious little body.

We had such a fun day just the three of us (you, me, and Emma Grace). I hope I remember this day for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today at swim class my baby boy swam halfway across the pool by his self. Emma Grace has also learned to put her sassy back in her mouth all by herself - it is very cute. My babies are growing up so fast!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mary's Comments

Mary always checks out my ad space ads and this is what she had to say today:

“Since you mentioned Kenneth's name on your blog you have been getting Kenneth Cole shoe ads on your blog. Next you should talk about Taylor’s other friend Calvin, his stuffed animals Gucci and Prada, and the grocery store Saks.”

She is so funny. We'll see if it works.....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy Weekend

We have had such an eventful and wonderful weekend. Friday started with an afternoon of hanging out with Mary and Lucy. And then our dear friends the Lewis’s came over to have dinner with. All four of the kid’s played together and it was a lot of fun. I think Katherine and Emma will be good friends just like Kenneth and Taylor. Plus Ryan and I loved catching up with Ellen and Brad.

On Saturday we all headed our separate directions. Ryan got up at the crack of dawn and went deer hunting, where he shot his first doe of the season. Now our freezer is packed full of deer meat (which I hate but I am determined to learn how to cook it this year). Taylor Emma and I went shopping for Taylor’s wrestling gear. I just can’t believe my baby is going to wrestle this year. Next we went to hang out at my parent’s house to wish them farewell as they took off today for Baton Rouge. (We miss you already mom and dad).

At one point today I was reminding Taylor that in two weeks he gets to go to Branson with his Nene and Poppy and he said “yes, (while he drug a fist thru the air) I get to take a day off of Arkansas.” He is so excited about this trip – he so looks forward to it each year.

Tons going on, and below are some pictures to remember the good times by.

BTY – this week American history was made. Regardless of our political preferences I did feel it noteworthy to mark this day for my children to remember. On Tuesday November 4th the first African American (Barack Obama) man was elected present of the United States of America. Taylor baby you have been saying for the past year that you wanted Barack Obama to be president because you liked his name (you thought that it sounded like a dinosaur’s name). You were also very cute pronouncing his name – I have it for you on Video you will have to watch it one day.

Emma and Lucy

This one is for you Emily (Taylor with Emily's old dino):

Taylor and Kenneth
Taylor and Kenneth
What a mess boys!!!
Emma and Katherine
Those eyes will make you melt:
Emma and Lucy
Taylor and Emma
Emma and Lucy (Tummy Time)
Roy, Susan, and Emma