Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Weekend Refuge

My favorite thing in the whole wide world during the summer time is to pack up and head out to the lake for the weekend. Manna and G-Daddy have the most wonderful vacation home out on Beaver Lake, and seems how they don’t live there or in this state anymore we love to pack up and head out there. I am so looking forward to this weekend and relaxing out there with family and friends to celebrate our Nations Independence Day. I do believe that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday of all times. We are planning BBQ’s, homemade ice cream, homemade blackberry cobbler, boating, swimming, and lots of fun. Here are some pictures from our first trip of the season a couple weeks ago.

I love the water, have you ever seen anything so beautiful:

We hang out in our PJ's all day long, and play Ring Around the Rosey:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Girls Weekend to St. Louis

This weekend we had the opportunity to go and see Beth Moore in St. Louis for a girls weekend. Beth is an amazing Christian author, and motivational speaker. I was in Denver at the end of last week for work, so I flow into MO to meet Mary, Marci, my mother in Law Char, my sisters mother in law Becky, and Char’s sister Caryol. We had such an amazing time worshiping and learning together. We laughed and we cried, and it was truly amazing, and refreshing for the soul. I can’t wait until our next rip that we plan.

This is my beautiful mother-in-law Char (right), and her beautiful sister Caryol.

Becky, Marci, and Mary

There were 10,000 women in the same arena with the same agenda to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was truly amazing.

Today in a nutshell....

Today had been quite the day. First it was a long Monday back from a wonderful girl’s weekend in St. Louis (post to come), then Taylor had a dentist appointment, we played in the pool with cousin Lucy, I burnt all of my arm hair and eye lashes off in the grill, and then I got squirted in the eyes with the swiffer juice. I am ready to go to bed and wake up for a better day tomorrow!!!

I don’t usually let Emma Grace wear a two piece because I think they are trashy, but I love that little belly sticking out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Record for mom: last night was the first night Emma Grace has slept without her Passy (pacifier) in her whole life. Yes she is one month away from 2 years old, but she has just loved it so very much that daddy and I did not want to take it away. Plus it was easier not to take it away – know what I mean! Plus she is the second child and we are just not that strict when dealing with the small things.

We will see how this goes, I hear it takes 21 days to break a habit, but I have an ultrasound picture of Emma Grace at 20 weeks on my desk where she is sucking her thumb. My bet is she finds something to take the Passy’s place!

I love you baby girl, and mommy and daddy are so sorry we had to take your Passy away from you. But when you are in college and don’t have to sleep with it you will probably thank us!

Taylor to Branson

This week Taylor is in Branson with his cousins Lawson and Britain, and Nene and Poppy. I know he is having fun but I miss him tremendously. Nene and Poppy love their grandchildren, and I know that they are having an awesome time creating memories. This picture was on Nene’s Facebook page this morning.

Can't wait to hear your stories my Taylor Man.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend to Alabama

Here are some pictures from our Memorial Day weekend in Alabama. We had the best trip home to visit my family.

Coble Family Weekend

This weekend we did a lot of relaxing and hanging out. We bought a baby pool and the kids have played and played in it. They love it so much that Lucy snuck back outside to play in it while dressed in her pajamas!

We got to watch Lucy this weekend while her mommy and daddy went out to celebrate their anniversary, and we had the best time. The girls had the best time playing in the shower together fully dressed. I did not get any good pictures of both the girls, but I got this one of Emma Grace dancing in her cheetah PJ’s.

This morning at church Taylor’s Music Camp (that he has participated in all week) led the service with a musical called Ultimate Superstar. The kids did such a good job. I was so very proud of my Taylor. He was very nervous, but he did a very good job singing, and I know that next year he will feel so much more comfortable that he will participate in all the hand motions! Sorry Taylor but you get your shyness honestly, and all I can tell you is that that more you work on it the more you will grow out of it. I love you Taylor, and I love how hard you work, your honesty, and your love for Jesus. My pictures did not turn out good, but the performance was.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taylor’s Last Day of Kindergarten

Taylor I found this in your backpack this morning, and the fact that you are growing up to fast hit me like to tone of bricks. Your teacher had this hanging up above your backpack hook all year long. I remember her showing it to you on your first day of school and telling you “this was where your stuff would go for the year.” I remember this like it was yesterday. I can’t believe your Kindergarten year is over so very quickly. You are such a smart boy and you loved school this year, and you grew and you learned so very much. You love math – you are a math wiz! Just like your daddy. You have learned to read and you are really enjoying reading. Each day you are learn to read more words and you are reading bigger and bigger books. You have made great lifelong friends, and you love your school. Your daddy and I are so very proud of the person you are growing into my sweet little boy.

P.S. Taylor – if you could please quit growing up so very fast! Love, Mom

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Precious Kids

have you ever seen such precious kids in all of your life? I thought my kids looked so cute this morning for church, in their matching lime green.