Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I love Christmas, and everything that it stands for. I love that this is the time of year that we remember Christ’s birth. I love that when I ask my two year old “why we celebrate Christmas?” she says without hesitation “Jesus is Born.” I love that my 6 year old baby boy can recite the Christmas story backwards and forwards. I love that my children love Jesus and have a relationship with Jesus. I love Christmas!

I also love the excitement in my children’s eyes when they open Christmas presents, and the anticipation of waiting to open their Christmas presents. This year was much like every other year, except we did not make them eat breakfast before opening gifts! We got up (Taylor got us up) and we dug right into the presents, everyone was happy and playing with their new toys, and I started making breakfast. Before we ate, Ryan and I pretended that we forgot a gift, and we had the kids help us find it. We actually saved their big gift for last (and actually it was a series of three gifts). In the first really big box was a set of Disney maps, in the second even bigger box was a large stuffed Mickey and Minnie dolls, in the third huge box was a kids version of “plan your Walt Disney Trip” book. It took Taylor a few minutes to understand the concept, but their big gift this year is a trip to Disney world. We leave at the end of January and are there for 9 days. We are pretty excited about some special family time. I wish I had some pictures but with all the excitement I guess I forgot to take some.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Taylor's gift to his daddy (Taylor wrapped it):

I love my family of four.
(I wish I had gotten up and put on makeup, but it did not happen)

My little Princess, she loved her new nightgown.

She prised around and twirled around all day long.

My sweet Little boy, and Aunt Emily in the background.
Thank you for spending Christmas day with us sis, we love you.

Christmas at the Coble’s

Christmas at the Coble's with the Bullington and Bost. This year we celebrated Christmas with my sisters, Lucy, and Uncle Pookie on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful dinner that Mary and Emily prepared, and the kids had a blast opening a few gifts. We toped the night off with Christmas Eve pj’s. Lucy got snowman PJ’s, Taylor got Mickey, and Emma Grace got a princess set. Had I know that trouble Emma Grace’s would have caused with Lucy I would have bought her one as well. There was a cryptic message behind Emma Grace and Taylor’s PJ’s. To be continued…..

We hope next year Manna and G-Daddy will be able to join us. We miss them a lot, especially around the holidays. Love you mom and dad.

Christmas at Nene and Poppy's 2010

I love Christmas, and the fact that it bring family together for a little bit more togetherness time! We had such a great time at Nene and Poppy's house this year, and the kids had a blast playing together.

Songs of the Season

Each year at Christmas time all of the church choirs and music groups get together and put on a wonderful concert. Taylor’s group sang first and they did a phenomenal job. Taylor always hands close to his friend “Taylor the girl”. These two are so very sweet – they have know each other most of their lives. "Taylor the girl" is in the third grade, so she is a couple years older than Taylor, but she watches over him like a big sister.

Baby Shower

One of my coworkers is having a baby, and a couple weeks ago we throw her a baby shower at the Tea Room here in town. It was so girl, but the guys were a really good sport as always. I love the team that I work with.

Parents to be:

2 Year Old Christmas Performance

I love Emma Grace’s school. They always have the best performances with the children. Emma Grace did a really good job standing up in front of everyone. She would start waving and say “Hi Mommy” “Hi Mommy.”

Fayetteville Christmas Lights

One of our favorite things to do this time of year is visit the light at the Fayetteville square. Ryan and I spent many of winters visiting these lights while we were dating and in school, and we love to share the experience with our children. Ryan actually proposed to me this time of year, after we had visited the light on the square. This annual trip always brings back the best memories.

Bentonville Christmas Parade

On the same Saturday as Breakfast with Santa, Taylor was able to participate in the Bentonville Christmas Parade with this Boy Scout group. It was a cold day but Taylor sure was excited to be in the parade.

Taylor's school had a showing:

All Bundled Up:

Breakfast with Santa

One of the childcare programs at our church puts on an annual Breakfast with Santa and it is so much fun. We look forward to this time of year each year. This year we actually landed our pictures with Santa in the local news paper two times!

Before the breakfast we actually met up with Aunt Audrey, Nene, Poppy, Mary, and Emily and did our shopping for some under privileged children. This is our Christmas tradition, instead of exchanging gifts with each other. I will tell you this has been the most rewarding thing for us. There is only so much “stuff” we need, and it just feel better to do for others at this point in our life.