Friday, October 5, 2012

Blessings and Apple Picking

Here it is Friday the week after our family weekend getaway in the mountains, and I was thinking that nothing on earth could top our wonderful weekend last weekend in the mountains.  But today has been one of the most joyous filled days ever, and I think it might rival last weekend (and it is only Friday)!.  This morning Emma Grace and I had a play date with Ms. Cara and her babies.  I love this time and I love Ms. Cara, we have known each other since we did VBS together in June, but we just recently started hanging out and I just adore her.  I teased her today that I have been praying that our husbands like each other so we can start hanging out together as families!!!   

And tonight kids played outside with the neighbor kids all night long and we ended the day by roasting marshmallows on our gas stove, with them and their mom Kathy.  I also adore Kathy!  She is a wonderful Christian women and a phenomenal mother to four teenage kids.  And she forgives (might even find humor in the fact) that my 4 year old went over to her house today and rung her doorbell only to tell her that “she loves her.”

I feel so very blessed to be in this wonderful place that God has planted us in on this earth!  I have been missing my sisters terribly this week, but it is days like today that make me think that I can and will make it!  Plus I got dinner made tonight and that almost never happens very gracefully!  I will just ignore the fact that I had to pull 7 baskets of folded laundry off of my bed to put on the floor, so I could curl up in the bed and blog. 

Not to mention that tomorrow is mine and Ryan’s monthly date night.  We just  love paying a baby sitter a fortune to watch our four children, so we can go out and explore the big city!  I am not kidding we love it!

Here are some pictures from our apple picking adventure last weekend.  We had so much fun, and Emma Grace and I had a blast making homemade apple souse today with our bounty!!! 


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