Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dresses by Nene:

Nene has been busy making the granddaughter’s of her life the cutest little dresses. This is her newest creation, and Emma Grace just adores it. She made this dress with the softest little corduroy fabric and lots of fabulous flower buttons. Emma Grace keeps saying “my Nene made this dress for me, and she worked really hard on it.” So very cute she is!

Emma Grace loves a good hat!

Girls Night Out

Jennifer, Samantha, Mauree:

One a month we have a “girl’s night out” event with my sorority sister, and I just treasure this time together. I wish we could all get together more, but I am so thankful that we live close enough that we can actually get together once a month. This month we surprised Chandra with a “sprinkle” since she is expecting her second little boy in January.

Chandra (mom to be):

Me and Chandra's mom:
Stephanie and Mauree:

Thanksgiving Harvest Taylor's School 2010

Taylor has the best Teacher Ms. Rich and his class, at their Thanksgiving Harvest. Taylor has been blessed with such a wonderful Teacher!

Reading Excellence

Taylor was presented with the “Reading Award” for his school last week. Taylor your daddy and I are so very proud of all of your many accomplishments, and the hard work that you always put forth. We love you little boy!

Taylor is the third on from the left (and the right - he is in the middle)!

Thanksgiving Day

I love Thanksgiving. Time for family and wonderful food! Have I mentioned I love to eat, and I really enjoy cooking. This year we had things all planned we were doing side dishes and ordering a delicious Honey Baked Ham. Well when my Taylor caught wind of this he through a fit. He insisted that we have a “roasted turkey, the kind with the legs sticking out of it.” He went so far as to draw me a picture of exactly what he wanted. Because I love him so much, and because a “roasted turkey” really isn’t that big of a request for Thanksgiving, this inexperienced whole turkey cooking mom braised, and baked this little boy a turkey. Guess how much he ate? That is right two bites! Not because it was not good, it was actually really good, that is just the way that Taylor is! I will never bake another turkey, but at least I got to knock it off of my life’s list of things to do!

My dad was in town for Thanksgiving, actually for the whole week, and we so enjoyed his time with us! There were actually 6 adults and three children for Thanksgiving dinner, but you would have thought we were cooking for the whole town of Bentonville. And Wine we had enough wine for the whole neighborhood, but it did not stop us from consuming it all! I love wine and family! Enjoy these pictures, and happy holiday season to all! Hope everyone has their Christmas music out already.

Taylor and G-Daddy

A little Emma Grace fit, actually Emma Grace has had a stomach bug all week and she was not feeling her best.

My little Lucy:

Can you believe how skinny Mary and I are this year? I was going to put a 2009 vs. 2010 Thanksgiving picture up but all that extra weight depressed me. I think over the past 12 months Mary and I lost a total of 65 pounds worth of baby weight! Crap, I hope we did not put it all back on over thanksgiving!

I love my hubby, and my family and that is what I am most thankful for. Everything else in life will change but family is constant, and I love that security.

Black Friday 4:00 am!

I am steeling Mary’s whole Black Friday Post, because she is so funny and I love to plagiarize.

"We are crazy. We fought the crowd. Cut in line. Ran around. And scored big. If you consider a pack of disney princess barbies, video games and $5 playdough scoring big.

We got to Target right as they were opening. The line was wrapped around the building and then weaved through the parking lot. I've never been one for following rules (actually I have) so we cut and were one of the first 200 in. Don't judge me.

Here we are waiting to check out. It was ridiculous too!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Harvest - Wee Friends 2010

Daddy was able to have some special time with Emma Grace at their Thanksgiving Harvest last week! I love that little face!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Bit

G-Daddy Visit

A couple weeks ago my dad came for a visit, and we had the best time with him. I am so looking back to him coming home over Thanksgiving – he will be here for a whole week. I wish my mom was able to leave her mom (who is in Alabama) to come home and visit for a couple days. We miss her greatly! Tonight we were eating Chinese food and Taylor’s fortune cookie said “An unexpected visitor is in your fortune.” Taylor got really excited and said “maybe manna will come see me.” Pretty cute!

An Afternoon Out

An afternoon out shoe shopping with the kids!

Poor Aunyx

Poor Aunyx – she has had a rough last couple weeks. Started with a chicken bone and then an emergency surgery, then a really bad infection, and two days of 105.5 degree fever. Her fever is finally down and she is starting to act better, and eat a little bit. We are just so thankful that she is still around, and starting to feel better. We have had Aunxy longer than we have had our children – I can’t believe she has been around for over 10 years!

My Second Job

I am the president of the Board of Directors for Wee Friends (the childcare in our church), and for the past 6 months I have poured my heart and soul into this nonprofit organization. I like to call it my second job! This morning we had a volunteer fair at Chruch and here is how we represented Wee Friends!