Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funny Taylor Story

This week is Drug Awareness week at Taylor's school, and all week they have been learning about how bad drugs are for your body and how to say “no” to drugs. Yesterday Taylor came home explaining everything that he had learned, and when I asked him what his interpretation of drugs was he said “drugs are bad things that you put in your body, including cigarettes mom.” I said “very good Taylor.” He said, “mom I even asked Ms. Eubanks if candy is drugs? And she said not if you don’t eat to much of it.”

I thought that was so ingenious of my little Taylor man. He sure does love candy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rocket Shooting

On Saturday Taylor and Ryan got to shoot the Rocket that they bought at Hobby Lobby and Ryan put together! I think Ryan had more fun putting it together than Taylor but Taylor sure did like making blast into the air. I don’t think that I actually got many pictures of them shooting their rocket, but I did get some cute pictures of Emma Grace and Manna tromping through the farm.

Coloring Little Girl

Emma Grace loves to color – especially while laying sprawled out on the floor! And yes, lately she always has a dirty nose and dirty mouth – but I think I am still a good mom and that is all that matters. Ha!

Sunday School Fall Party

Last night we got to attend our Sunday school’s annual fall party hosted by the Allison’s. They have been putting this party on for the past 5 years, and I know that we have made it to at least 3 of them (possibly 4, but my mind is starting to leave me when it comes to details such as these. HA!) We always have such a fun time with this group. The kids love the hayrides and roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately it rained on us last night, but the Allison’s were nice enough to let our wet kids come in and out of their house about 500 times!

When the Allison’s started hosting this party all of our children were so very little, and now the majority of them have started school. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Sunday school and group of friends to be a part of. And I love most of all that our children are so close and all part of such a special group that they will have throughout their school age years. I look forward to watching this same group of kid’s graduate from high school together (but not too soon of course). Oh the memories they will create.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Funny Taylor Stories

Taylor always comes into our bed in the middle of the night and climes in the bed to sleep with us. We can’t seem to break him of this habit, well last night I ask him a hypothetical question. I said “Taylor what would you do if your daddy forgot to put on his PJ’s before getting in the bed – would you still sleep with us.” He response was “of course mom, I would not care, and I would still be much more comfortable in your bed than mine.”

Tonight at dinner Taylor said “mom try this bread and gravy that I made,” and I said “no thank you I am trying not to eat any bread.” Taylor’s response “mom you don’t need to loose any weight – and it wont hurt you to gain one more pound.” I had no idea how to take all this, but it was a pretty funny conversation nonetheless.

Lately Taylor is obsessed with being a mad scientist. This week he really took to his sister’s science beaker set that she got in a Chick-fil-A happy meal. We made all of the normal experiments (i.e. vinegar and baking soda). Well he thought it would be fun to continue with the experiments when I was not around, and one bottle of bubble bath, one gallon of vegetable oil, on container of white wine vinegar, 4 grapes, and a bunch of cheese later we had the biggest mess in the whole wide world. I tried not to get too mad because at least he is showing an interest in the sciences. HA!

Birthday Bash at Nene’s House

Last weekend we had a birthday bash at Nene’s house. In addition to celebrating birthdays the kids decorated lots of pumpkins. I which I had pictures of them because they were so very cute.

The Right Choice Corn Maze

This weekend my mom, Mary, Lucy, Taylor and I all headed down to Anderson, Missouri for some good old fashion fall fun. It was complete with animals, a 10-acre corn maze, hayrides, corn cannons, hot apple cider, a cow train, and much much more. We truly had a blast! I can’t wait to go back next year – or maybe next weekend.

Check it out at:

Hay Jumping

Cow Train Riding

Girl Hanging

Corn Maze Hunting

And lots of Right Choices being made!

Extended Family Night

I love family. Saturday afternoon Mary, Jonathan, Lucy, Audrey, Aaron, Lila, and Nene all came over to eat pizza, talk football, and make bows. It was a fun night, but my most favorite part of it was watching all three of the cutest girls every play together. I just know that Lila, Lucy and Emma are all going to be thick and thieves when they get older.

Mary and Lila
Baby Lila and Emma

Aunt Laura and her Lucy bug!
Emma and Lucy on the dog bed - trying not to get caught playing in the dog bowls.
Emma and Lucy playing in the tub - don't you wish you could get your water that blue!

Emma Grace’s 1st News Appearance

Last Sunday Emma Grace made our local newspaper.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Razorback Win, Tailgating with Friends, Silly Times with Daddy, New Baby….

A Halloween Surprise, and dirty noses (I hope this does not gross you out, but some of the pictures are just so very cute not to share).

Go Hogs!!! Today the Razorbacks beat Auburn 44 to 23, and we had an awesome time tailgating with the Bost and Family. We love when we get invited to Tailgate with Ms. Becky Bost, and Uncle David (as Taylor calls them), these are Mary’s in-laws. Today they invited us over for another huge Shrimp Boil that Chef Denise prepared. There was enough delicious Cajun food to feed an Army.

Daddy and Taylor:
Taylor and Uncle Jonathan

Mary and her sister-in-law Delta:
Emma Grace with a dirty nose eating a popcorn ball:
A good friend of mine who had a baby just 16 days ago, and got readmitted to the hospital earlier this week due to an infection in her c-section site. Her and her new baby are at the hospital, but her husband is at home with their two year old. She probably will not get to go home until at least Monday, but they keep pushing her time back. She is in good spirits (a lot better than I would be), but she misses her husband and other baby boy. Their family has been through so very much, if you could please remember them in your prayers.
Here are some pictures of her precious baby. I heart babies so much. If I had enough time in my day to day life (and my husband was comatose) I would probably have more children than the Dugger’s. I love the whole baby process, I love carrying a baby in my tummy, I love giving birth, I love nursing, I love snuggling, I love changing diapers that are smaller than my hand, I love the little noises that babies make, I love to watch babies sleep, and most of all I love to wonder how God had the whole process figured out and how truly miraculously it all is.
Taylor has spent the past couple of nights with his manna, and Ryan and I have gotten some extra Early Morning playtime in with Emma Grace. Enjoy these pictures, again Emma with a dirty nose.

And finally… I just got Emma Grace’s Halloween costume in the mail, and could not resist trying it on her. It is simply the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Here is sneak peek, see if you can figure out what it is, and I will unveil the rest on 10/31 after Trunk or Treating at our church.