Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st Slumber Party

Last week Emma Grace and Lucy had their first sleep over at Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan’s house. We got to watch Lucy while her mommy and daddy were in OK visiting their new nephew. We had the best time ever. Lucy is such a joy to be around. She loves to sing and dance and help her Aunt Laura in the kitchen! She also thinks that her Uncle Ryan hung the moon, she loved playing on him and sitting on his tummy.

Kindergarten Celebration

Taylor had his Kindergarten Celebration on Friday and it was marvelous. All of the classes sang and preformed, and this mommy cried and cried. I just can’t believe that my baby is already done with kindergarten – what is next high school and then collage and then his is completely out of my house. They sang a song that Taylor’s Nene taught him a loooong time ago, it was “I am a Promise” and it brought back so many wonderful memories of Taylor singing it when he was just a toddler, and it brought joy to my heart to hear these children sing this song.

I am so very proud of you Taylor you are such a smart child and you have learned so much this year. I just have to ask you to “please quit growing up so very fast.”

After the celebration we went back to Taylor’s classroom and they had the sweetest little awards ceremony that I have ever seen. Each child received an award that was well thought out and presented to the children. Taylor received “The Most Inquisitive Student” award. That’s right my boy you keep asking all those questions – that is how we learn!!!!

After the celebration they allowed for early dismissal and Taylor and I spend the whole day together going to toy stores, and eating lunch at this favorite place – The Olive Garden! It was a very special day.

I do have to apologize to our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. for not telling anyone about this event. I did not realize the production that it was going to be until we got there, and saw all the kids line up on stage. I wish you all could have been her for this, but good news is that I have it all on video to share!

Happy 1st Birthday Lila!!!

Today we were honored to celebrate Lila’s first birthday with her and her family. Lila is my youngest niece (she is Ryan’s brother’s daughter). And she is growing up to be such a precious little lady. Her birthday party was adorable – it was ladybug themed. Lila we love you and want to wish you a very happy birthday!!!

Taylor, Britain, and Lawson

Uncle Sean with Emma Grace – Sean loves Emma and Emma loves her Uncle Sean. Sean is such a wonderful daddy and uncle, and he has such a big heart for children.

Family Fun Night – Wee Friends

Each year our play school PTO does a Family Fun night and this year they brought in a petting zoo for the kids, full miniature horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, cows, and horse and carriage rides. It is such a fun night for all! We are so very blessed to have such a safe haven to send our children to for care. I could not think of a better place for them to be when they are not with me.

ISD Picnic

Each year Wal-Mart ISD (this is where Ryan works) puts on a hug picnic. Full of carnival food and fun! It is always a really good time. Ryan and Taylor love the funnel cake, and this year Emma Grace loved the bounce house.

Yes this is Lucy at the ISD picnic – Jonathan works in ISD as well, so we usually see them everywhere we go. It is a very small town!

Sun Shinning Day

The sun finally came out on Monday night and we took the opportunity to mow the yard, and play outside. Emma Grace and Taylor has so much fun playing on the John Deer Tractor. Taylor is pretty funny – he has had this thing for about 3 years and never really liked it, but when his sister took an interest in it he became very possessive!!! I love you my little Taylor.

Little Charlotte

Ms. Vanessa had her baby girl last Thursday. Her name is Charlotte, and she is simply beautiful! Ms. Vanessa is Taylor’s baby sitter – she picked up Taylor from School for me this year. She has been simply wonderful for our family, and we have been so very happy to meet her new family addition.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It rained for like 10 days straight last week, so this weekend we decided we had to get the kids out to burn off some energy. So yes we ventured out to germ infected McDonald’s play place. The kids loved it and we quickly gave them a bath when we got home. Emma Grace was so very sweet sharing an ice-cream treat with her daddy – she is a daddy’s girl!

Bentonville Earthquake #2

Yes that is right tonight there was an earthquake in Bentonville, AR. It was a 2.6 magnitude, and it sounded like the biggest car crash/thunder boom I have ever felt. There was another earthquake about 3-4 weeks ago in Bentonville. I felt this noteworthy to write down because before several weeks ago Earthquakes only happened in CA.

Stuff like this really scares me and makes me wonder what in the world have we done to this beautiful earth to cause this. I am motivated to live an even greener life after experiences like this. My little Taylor said “mom what is going to happen next. There have been floods in Tennessee, and two earthquakes in AR, do you think there is going to be a flood in Arkansas?” My sweet little boy – he is always thinking.

UMW End of Season Dinner Celebration

I love these women and I love our May meeting. We always wind down the year with a dinner at Abuelo’s. It was wonderful, filled with the best fellowship, wonder friends, my favorite food of all times, and margaritas of course. Yes we are Methodist and it is okay to splurge every once in a while!

One of my best friends Jennifer and I started this circle 4.5 years ago and it has grown and grown and I am so very proud of the Abigail Ruth circle. We do such amazing ministries and touch so may lives, and yes have fun every once in a while.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Memaw and Bill Bill Update

I thought that I would post about Memaw and Bill Bill because there have been some changes to their health status, and we could use all the extra prayers that we could get right now. Bill Bill was released from the hospital about 3 weeks ago, after being in the hospital for over two months after his open heart surgery. After about two weeks my mom and her siblings had to make the decision to put him back in the hospital because he was not doing well. Right now he is in a rehabilitation hospital and seems to be making progress. Which is great news. However yesterday while my Memaw was having a CAT scan they discovered that she has some slow bleeding in her brain. They rushed her to a bigger nearby hospital. They are trying to get her blood pressure down, so they can work to stop the bleeding. They did determine that she probably had a stroke about 5-10 days ago which could be a driver to this. I think she has been so stressed out about Bill Bill that some of this is a result of that extra stress. I just pray that the doctors figure out how to correct the issues that she is having, and that Bill Bill will continue to make progress in his healing process. This has been so heard - both of my grandparents have always been so strong and on the move that this breaks my heart to see them start to slow down and have health problems.

I will post on their progress. Ryan and I are going to try to take the kids to see them over Memorial Day weekend and I really look forward to this time we will get to spend with them.

Summertime Preparation

This weekend we got to go out to the lake house and hang out with Uncle Sean, Lawson, and Britain and play and break bread together. We also got to clean the boat and got it ready for summer time fun. We love hanging out at the lake during the summertime. Usually our whole family packs up on the weekends and heads out to the lake for a weekend of fun, and it is always a good time.