Saturday, September 1, 2012

All About Me

Hi thanks for stopping by. My name is Laura. I am a momma to 4, and a wife to my soul mate and best friend ever! Ryan and I have known each other since 1997, when we started dating, and 5 years later we married in 2002. Our first son was born in 2004, and our daughter came in 2008. We thought we were done with two children; however, God saw the desires of our heart and blessed us with our miracle twins in August of 2011.

We recently moved to the big city of Atlanta, by way of Bentonville Arkansas (and yes that is Wal-Mart country). We moved because my husband was given an awesome opportunity at a new Retail Company. This moved allowed me to stay at home with our many children, and the irony of moving to a big city is it also allowed us to simplify our life. When we were in Bentonville we both worked, and had great careers but after the birth of our twins we decided that we needed life to slow down a little bit. I always wanted to spend more time with my children, but I also always enjoyed working and having a career. During this season of our life I have decided that I will do my best to raise our children and try to keep house. I actually fail miserably at the latter, but my husband is very understanding, and we both look forward to the Friday’s our housekeep comes. The old company that I use to work for (the best company ever) has allowed me to do some contract work for them as my schedule allows. So right now I have the best of both worlds! I get to stay at home with my kids, and I still get a little bit of Target decorating money!

With our move to the big city we left all of our family behind in Northwest Arkansas. And when I say all of our family - I mean everyone. My parents, my husband’s parents, my sisters, Ryan’s brothers, our nieces and nephews, and the list goes on and on. And not to mention our friends and our church.

When we started praying about what to do with our life, we just prayed “for God to lead us where he needed us.” Ironically we ended up in Atlanta, a place where I once said I would never move back to! But this is where God pointed us, and we trusted him, and followed him, and we have not been disappointed. We found the best school district in the state, and moved to the suburbs. We love our neighbors, we have started making lifelong friendships, and have recently joined a Baptist church (another thing I thought I would never say). But God has not let down for he knows the best plans for us, and he always provides.

I started this blog because I ran out of time to scrapbook! I love writing about the fun things we do and the funny things my kids say. I have found this to be a great way for our family to keep us with us, and others to share in our lives. I hope you enjoy!

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