Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Relaxing in Frisco

We have had the best time in Frisco celebrating Thanksgiving with our family.  Today we are having a girls day at the spa and next the little girls are all going to pick out their first American doll.  Special memories are being created.

Trip to American Doll Store

Mom has been planning this day since the girls were born! She couldn't wait to take them and us to have an American Girl Party and to pick out a doll.  The girls love every minute of their special day! I hope they remember it forever.

We were on a mission to find a Saige doll for Lucy and a Molly doll for Emma Grace. I read online that Saige was backordered until the middle of the month and we knew Molly was being retired. After some searching we found a Saige doll. As we were celebrating our victory a brokenhearted Emma Grace found us and told us that the last Molly doll had been sold that day and even the display model had been sold. Emma Grace was so disappointed. So, not to leave empty handed with a heart broken daughter, I started searching in all the wrong place, behind a box, guess what I found... The Last Molly doll in Dallas- Or maybe even the world....


Learing to sew

A few weeks ago Emma Grace and I decided that we needed matching stockings, so what better way to get them than to make them.  Emma Grace got her citation sewing lesson and took off an made the majority of these.  I think she did great work. 

Thanksgiving Update

Besides our plane trip to Dallas We had so much fun over Thanksgiving.   It was so nice to spend the week with family.  I miss them all so much. 

Fall Tree

We have the most beautiful tree in our front yard and each season it gives us much joy!  This fall the kids had so much fun playing in the beautiful yellow leafs.  And Ryan had so much fun raking them up!  

Trip up Kennesaw Mountain

On Sunday afternoon Ryan and I packed up the kids and hiked up Kennesaw Mountain.  It was a hard trip with a double stroller and no bathroom, but it was so beautiful none the less.  So thankful We made the trip!

Just another morning at the Coble house....

Christmas Cookie Making