Monday, January 31, 2011

Emma Grace Has Something To Say.....

Disney Update #2

Disney Day 3 January 29th

Today we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, which might have been a mistake given that it was a beautiful Saturday and all of the locals seemed to be out and about. But we had fun none the less. We did or favorite Breakfast with Mickey and we all wore our matching monogrammed Mickey shirts. We got some really cute pictures – yes I am that kind of mom.

The kids really wanted to ride Dumbo but the line was 40 minutes long. We promised them that we would go back on Thursday.

Disney Day 4 January 30th

Today we spent the day at Sea World handing out with the animals. I bet Ryan and the kids spent $50 on fish food, but the kids had a blast feeding the sharks, stingrays, dolphins, and seals. We also got to have lunch with the sharks, which is one of our favorite activities when we visit Sea World. Emma Grace and Taylor loved chasing the birds, and watching the sea lions. I love to see their little eyes come alive when they see the amazement of animals.

Tonight Emma Grace got to make a pretty cool announcement to our family.

Disney Day 5 January 31st

Today I spent the day at my logistics conference. This is my favorite one of the year, but it is hard to leave the family while they are back at the hotel having fun.

When Ryan and the kids picked me up we headed back to downtown Disney to have dinner at the Rainforest Café. It was no T-Rex Café but good none the less. Emma Grace had a blast looking at the huge life like animatronics animals that adorned the restaurant. After dinner we headed down to the road and picked out candy at Goofy’s Candy Factory, and Toys at the Disney toy shop. Emma Grace was so cute at the Toy shop. She picked out a hat, and then traded it for a doll, and then traded the doll for some figurines, and traded the figurines for a large package of dolls. Watching her shop and think was very cute. Mommy picked out a mint chocolate chip Oreo the size of a pancake (I have picture that I will post later). It was probably the best thing I have ever eaten (I love mint Oreo’s).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Disney Update #1

I am writing my notes so I don't forget anything. I might get to pictures on the tip, but it will probably be when I get home.

Disney Trip Day One (January 27th)

Well we made it safe and sound to Orlando. The only issue we had was getting our car seat confiscated at the airport, because evidently it was “airplane approved.” Who has ever heard of such in all of their life? And if you have met my hyperactive non sitting child you would never take a constraint ability away from us in a public place.

Disney Trip Day Two (January 28th)

Day one started out after sleeping in a little bit due to getting in the night prior at 11:00. But once we got up and headed to the Animal Kingdom it was on. My kids did so well today. Well Taylor complained a lot, which I think was caused by him being afraid of people seeing him get excited. He really complained about everything, but once we got him started and made him so some of things that he did not want to do he was pretty excited. He even rode the flying “Dinosaurs” 6 times (which are just like the Dumbo ride in the Magic Kingdom – which he said was for babies and he would not ride it). When we were walking back to the car today he said mom we need to have a family ride on Dumbo tomorrow when we are the Magic Kingdom. Funny how little bad attitudes can change!

Bug’s Life Story:

The last time we came to Disney Taylor was 3.5 years old, and when we did the Bugs Life show it scared him so bad that I had to pick him up and leave. We decided that we would chance it with Emma Grace today, and funny thing we relived the situation that we did 3 years ago. But this time it was still Taylor that was screaming and crying hysterically, and Emma Grace just sat there in her 3D glasses and loved every minute of the show. Emma Grace is not scared of anything!

T Rex Dinner

We had the best dinner tonight at the T Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney. If you have never been you have to check it out. The whole building is decorated like prehistoric times. Perfect for kids. I think the kids had a night to remember on all sorts of fronts.

Three Funny Emma Grace Stories

Emma Grace has been saying the funniest things lately. Ryan won’t let me tell you about the “tail” story, so I guess I only have two funny stories to write about.

Story #1:

Latest thing: when we ask Emma Grace to do something she has started saying “okay bossy.” The first time I heard it I about fell over laughing, but now I am starting to take offence to it.

Story #2:

As we have been preparing for our big trip we will ask Emma Grace if she is “excited about riding on the airplane?” She will tell us yes, while squishing her face and fist up tight and say “I have to hole on tight.” This is her first time on a plane so I can only imagine what she is envisioning in her mind. She probably thinks she is going to have to ride on the wing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Disney 2007 - Getting Ready to Head Back in 6 Days

As we get ready to head back to Orlando for our 2011 family vacation, I am reminded of our first vacation to Disney that we took with Taylor in 2007 (he was 3 and a half years old). This was to be Taylor's last trip as a single child (Ryan and I officially started trying for baby #2 during this trip). I am so excited to bring both Taylor and Emma Grace to Orlando for a fun family vacation.

Stories from our Disney Family Vacation

September 22 – 29, 2007

September 22, 2007

Our First Day of Vacation (Most of this is written to Taylor)

Today you took your first air plane ride and you did such a great job. You acted like a real pro – like you had done it a hundred times before. You kept asking when is the plane going to “blast off”?

At one point we were playing and you started kicking the persons seat in front of you and I asked you to “not kick that man in front of you.” After I thought for a little while I realized that person in front of you was a women, so I corrected myself and said “actually don’t kick that nice lady’s seat in front of you.” You looked up at me and said “actually mom that looks more like Marty the Zebra.” The women had on a black in white stripped shirt, so I just had to laugh. You are too funny!

When we arrived at the hotel tonight you had fallen asleep on the ride over and when we tried to put you in the bed so you could finish your nap. You quickly woke up and said you were not tired, and then you were so upset when you found out we were at the hotel but Mickey was not with us.

September 23, 2007

The Magic Kingdom

You were such a trouper today! We got to the park at 8:00 a.m. this morning and did not leave until after 9:00 p.m. The fireworks were at 8:00, and you were so tired because you had not had a nap all day, that you fell asleep in your daddy’s arms watching the fire works. You were so cute!

You loved riding the little kid roller coaster so much that you got to ride Thunder Mountain (a big person roller coaster) and you even rode Splash Mountain. You had such a good time. You are growing up to be such a big boy, and it is happening sooooo fast.

Even thought you loved the big kid rides at the Magic Kingdom you were still scared to death of the Villains that we would see walking around the park. Every time we would get near Caption Hook you would start screaming and cover your eyes and run the other way. It was so cool that everything was so very real to you.

September 27, 2007


As you can see I have not done a good job of writing on this trip, so I am going to try to catch up.

Today we went to MGM and had a fun time. You were too funny after we were done with the 3-D Muppet Show we were letting you look at the beautiful water fountain filled with all of the bronze Muppet statues. You were mesmerized because you love water sooooo much. When we told you it was time to keep going you quickly stuck your leg in the water (including your sock and shoe). Your dad and I did not know what to think so we just laughed, and when your dad tried to grab you and walk away, holding you under his arm, you wiggled out and ran back to the fountain and stick your other leg in the water. This whole episode was so out of caricature for you, but it was all so funny. You had to walk around with wet shoes on all day. Your dad and I just laughed the whole time.

You were also too funny at the Preschool Disney shows, at MGM, because you would get up and dance and shake your booty. We have it all on video for you to see.

While we were at MGM today every time we passed a pay phone you would ask if you could call Aunt Mary. I think you are about ready to go home and see your family.


The movie Ratatouille was out in theaters this summer. Every Friday afternoon you and I had our special time to do whatever you wanted to do (most of the time it was what you wanted to do). Well when this move came out every Friday you wanted to go see it, so we ended up seeing it twice in theaters. I finely had to start telling you "no" when you picked to go see Ratatouille because I think that you could have watched it for the next 100 Friday's in a row.

Any way when we found out that Ratatouille was at the MGM park you just had to go see him, and when you found out that it was "Emile" instead of your favorite character "Remi" you were so disappointed. The women working the front of the line told you that “Remi was in cooking school today, so he sent his best friend Emile to help out.” We still got a few cute pictures.

(September 26, 2007)

Yesterday we went back to the Magic Kingdom and your rode all the rollercoaster’s two times! Every time they would come to an end you would look up and say “why are we stopping” or “I want to do it again.” You loved the big kid rides so much, and you also loved getting wet every chance you could.

(September 25, 2007)

The other day at the Animal Kingdom we went to see a horrible 3-D movie called “A Bugs Life” and it scared you to death. You were so hysterical that we had to get up and leave the show in the middle. It’s nice to know that even though you love the fast rides you are still a little sensitive.

Even though the Bugs Life was a bad experience we loved the Mickey’s Philhar Magic 3-D show. You were so cute trying to grab the objects coming at us!

Also, at the Animal Kingdom you had been pretty quiet all day, but by the time we got around to the dinosaur exhibits you were getting very excited. At one point you stopped and talked to one of the dino park workers for about 15 minuets. And during this time you told her everything you know about dinosaurs. When the other children walked up to see the exhibit and talk to the lady you would start talking louder and more quickly. You wanted all of her attention because she was a dino expert just like you. You were very excited and you are so smart because you know so much about dinosaurs. We also have this whole conversation on tape for you to see.

The morning that we went to the Animal Kingdom was also the morning that we had Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. You had so much fun. This was by far your favorite Character Dinning event. Your favorite character was “Goofy”. He absolutely cracked you up every time you saw him.

September 28, 2007

Today was our last full day of our family vacation and we spent it at Sea World. We had such a wonderful time. You loved all of the animals, but you especially loved chasing all of the birds!!! You chased the birds everywhere we went this week, and probably had the most fun doing that. You would run up to them really quickly and yell “Hey you bird!”

You and your dad had so much fun feeding the Sting Rays, Dolphins, Seals, and Sharks. I bet we spent at least $35 on all the fish food because that was all you wanted to do. You also loved touching the dolphins. You’re a real animal lover!

At the end of our day we watched the Shamu show and when it was over you looked at your dad and said that you did not want the show to be over. This show was the perfect grand finale for our vacation to Disney.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Movie Night

New Years Day Shopping with Sister

And yes we dressed just a like. Hit to other New Years day shoppers - get to Dillard's early. Never have I seen so many women in the shoe department.

Silly Kids

Little Rock Discovery Center

Last week Emily and I took Taylor to Little Rock to his Dr. Appointment, and while we were there we had a little bit of extra time to hang out at the children’s Discovery Center. Taylor had a blast learning at all the different exhibits.

One day over the Christmas break I had the pleasure of watching Lawson (my one and only nephew). Lawson and have a long running joke – I always tell him that “he is my favorite nephew.” And he always says “Aunt Laura I am your only nephew.” He is a smart little boy, but he is still my favorite nephew regardless of is he is the only one I have.

Taylor and Lawson had so much fun playing together. We even got to go to the movies to see Narnia 3 – which was great.

my Little Emma Grace Loves Puzzles

Especially doing them with her Aunt Emily!

WhiteWave Christmas Party 2010

This one is a little bit late but I just found it on my camera. We had a pretty fun work Christmas party this year. We had it at the Soderquist mansion out on the lake. It was a lovely evening with friends and co-workers.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Taylor's New Years Resolutions!!!!

Funny Taylor story – this weekend we went around the table and asked everyone what their New Years resolution is, and Taylor’s response was “Not to clog my arteries.” Emily and I took him to the children’s museum in Little Rock last week and one of the exhibits in the Hospital room was an example of good arteries and clogged arteries. And he has been obsessed/scared ever since. The poor child had eater nothing but fruits and vegetables ever since.

22 Days and counting – until our big trip. Have I mentioned how excited I am to get away for 9 long days!!!! I have already started warning people don’t call, don’t text, don’t email until we get back – harsh I know but we need some unwinding time as a family.