Friday, October 19, 2012

Girl's Craft Night

Last night I had the opportunity to do Girl’s Craft Night with a group woman from my Sunday School Class.  I feel so blessed that we have found a group of people that we fit in with so well and make us feel so comfortable and welcomed!  We are loving our new church, and are so excited to start taking some of the initial steps into joining the church.  This Sunday we take a three hour class about the church, so we can start this process.  I have said this before but I will say it again.  I never thought that we would join a Baptist Church.  I never thought that we were Baptist people – ha!!  Whatever that means!  We are Christian’s at the end of the day, and we were in search of a welcoming church with an awesome Children’s program, and this is what we found! 

This is my friend Cara (you have heard me talk about her before), the only reason that I mention that is because I have a funny story to share.  We went to the Craft Night together.  Cara text me and said “I will pick you up.”  And I text back and said “no let me pick you up because everyone always bends over backwards for me because I have four kids, and I want to do something nice for someone else.”  And plus I figured that the house that we were going to would be out of the way for Cara to pick me up.  My perception is that most people live back towards the church, and Cara and I live on the far end from the church.  So I got to Cara’s house – she lives about 6 miles from me.  When she got in the car we plugged in the address to the GPS, and turns out the house we were going to was back right around the corner from my house.  Ha!  I drove 30 miles round trips last night because we failed to know where in the world we were going.  We laughed all the way home last night, and it was extra time for girl talk. 

Aren’t these the cutest little blocks!  We painted them and mod-podged them with fun letters.  It was a great time.  Plus I really needed some color for my fireplace mantel so these worked out great!  Not sure what I am going to do when thanksgiving is over.  I forgot how much I loved to craft.  I just don’t really have time for anything like this right now in this season of my life!  One day I might find the time again. 

Fun times had by all!!!
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Char said...

Back in the day - I went to a monthly crafting club. Great girlfriend time and learned how to make some very cool stuff.
I miss those days.