Monday, October 8, 2012

Puppy Dogs and Birthday Parties

What a wonderful fun filled weekend we had in the Big City!  We had a relaxing weekend full of family, friend, and dog time.  Ryan and I have been trying to work really hard to give the big kids some special one on one time as often as we can, but as you can imagine that is not always easy with 4 children.  Saturday morning Ryan took Emma Grace to gymnastics and stopped by the store to buy her a treat on her way home!  I am hoping that he will be able to bring her to Gymnastics every Saturday so that they have some father daughter time.  I think a healthy relationship is so important for little girls especially, they need a non sexual male figure to look up to in their lives so they don’t go out looking for one that might not be appropriate.  (I will get off of my soap box right here.) 

After Gymnastics I got to take Emma Grace to her first Atlanta Birthday Party for her classmate Addison.  Addison had the cutest party at a place in Roswell called “The Little Farm House in the City.”  The lady who owns this little house (in the city) really had farm animals for the kids to play with, and tractors, and wooden horses to ride.  She also had dress up closes to wear, and pottery to paint!  The kids had a blast, and I am so tickled to see Emma Grace making a new group of lasting friendships.  A lot of these little girls who go to her school also go to our church, and we are starting to have play dates with them.  Hopefully they will be positive relationships that are with her while she grows up!

While Emma Grace and I were away at the party and grocery shopping Ryan had a house full of neighborhood kids over playing with Taylor.  I think at one point there three additional kids over in the house.  I am not a 100% sure how Ryan felt about the extra kids, but I love it!  I have always dreamed of creating a caring, nurturing, and fun environment for all the kids to want to come over to and hang out.  I know when my kids are at my house playing then I know what is going on, and I can keep a close eye on them. 

Yesterday we went to church and after church had brunch with our new friends the Vahlon’s.  This is Cara that you have seen me write about previously, and her husband is Danial, and they have three beautiful children.  Chloe and Emma Grace are the same age and in the same class, and they also have Hudson who is 6, but who Taylor got along with wonderfully yesterday.  Taylor and Hudson had a bacon eating contest and I have never seen so two little boys eat so much bacon. 

I am also excited to announce that my letter wall is complete as of last night, and a few other of my playroom projects are coming together!  I will have to post pictures soon. 

Poor Aunxy, our 12 year old black Pomeranian, was so sick last week.  She throw up for two days straight and by day three she was so dehydrated that she was not interested in anything.  Ryan and I were very worried because she was just lying around not eating or drinking.  So Friday morning I rushed her to the animal vet, and we got her some fluids and had lots of blood test done.  Everything came back showing that she is a healthy happy dog.  The babies think that it is funny to feed the dogs while they are eating, so we think that she got something that did not sit well with her.  My friend Cara summed Aunyx up pretty well the other day, when she referred to her as dramatic!  One day I might share the $5,000 Aunyx hot wing story with my blog!  It was quite the adventure, and display of love and affection that my husband has for his little fluffy dogs!

I would be remised not to say here that we all lost a dear person in our lives this weekend.  Matt Turner, who is my brother in law’s childhood best friend, was killed in a tragic car accident on Saturday night.  He was a wonderful person, news anchor, and new father to beautiful little girl who is not even a year old yet.  He touched many lives with this TV presence and his calm caring spirit.  Our hearts have been heavy and our prayers have been frequent for this dear family and all of their friends.  May his wife and precious little girl alwaysknow how much he loved them.

Emma Grace and Chloe:

Of course Emma Grace did not want to dress up, and I take full responsibility for that. I have never really fostered that emotion to dress up with my kids. It is just something that I feel is not necessary I guess, because I stink at making it happen!  I don’t even like doing the whole Halloween thing. 

I recently read a blog article about mom’s in pictures, and it really hit home.  I am committed to taking more pictures with my children so they will know who I am and how much I love them!

A real hen egg!

Emma Grace holding a chicken!

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