Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night

I am just smitten over tonight’s events!  Taylor, the babies and I are at home alone tonight while Emma Grace and her daddy are at the Disney Princess’s on Ice in Atlanta.  I am one so excited because I love that Emma Grace gets some very special daddy one on one time.  And I am two very excited because it is 6:30 pm the babies are in bed and Taylor has lots of neighborhood kids over to play in the basement.  I just love living in a really active neighborhood full of kids who parents have the same morals as Ryan and I and who want to raise their kids the way Ryan and I do.  I really feel blessed tonight, and feel like I see God’s awesome plan coming together in our Atlanta lives. 
One quick side note, yesterday we got a knock on the door and it was the neighbors from around the corner (on the other street of the neighborhood), and they were inviting us over to come hangout at their driveway bonfire event tonight.  I really wanted to go, but we will have to wait till next weekend because of the Princess Event!  People in Georgia (well East Cobb) are so very kind!!!  I am loving this neighborhood.

Ryan promised me lots of pictures from him and Emma Grace’s adventure tonight, so I will post them later this week for all to view! 

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