Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friday Night Party!!!

This weekend was our social weekend of all time in the ATL.  We have been so blessed to find some great friends in the big city, and Friday night we hosted dinner at our house for some of our new friends.  I did not do a great job capturing this event in film, but we did have a blast none the less!  We had three couples over for dinner, and between all of us there were a total of 11 children.  We had so much fun hanging out on the deck, watching the kids play, and fellowshipping.   
I love this group of women.  It was Cara, Zaquis, and Amanda.  Amanda is in my bible study class on Wednesday’s and she and her family just moved here from Dallas.  Cara, Zaquis, and I have been hanging out for a couple months now and I just adore these women. And I appreciate them because they are so real, and when I need a reality check they are ready and willing to give it to me!!  They both really called me out on Friday.  They reminded me that I am terrible at remembering people, and that I had forgotten both of them and it was really AWKWARD the next time we saw each other!  Zaquis even went so far as to remind me that she is the only black girl at Johnson Ferry Baptist and it was just unreal that I could not remember her.  WOW – only real friends will hold you accountable, and I was held accountable and I appreciate the feedback.  I feel like I have been drinking through a fire hydrant when it comes to meeting new people at church and in the community.  And in my defense I usually have at least 3 kids with me all throwing a fit or needing something while I am trying to meet people, so I am obviously in many different places at once!  Oh yea – there are 7,700 member at our church, so I am trying my best.  None the less I am going to work on this. 
 I was so proud because given the noise level the twins actually went to bed on time at 6:30 and did not get up the rest of the night.  I love to entertain and this evening just helps solidify that I can still do it even with my plethora of children!!!!


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Basham said...

Laura I am so glad you are making friends! Believe me I know it is hard to move..sometimes I find myself not really meeting anyone while we are in a location. A new place is so much easier when you meet people to have fun with!