Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Well I never finished my post regarding our Summer Vacation 2010, so I wanted to update my records. As my earlier post read we got to Baton Rough late Friday night, and had a wonderful time on Saturday. Sunday we received a call that my Grandfather (Bill Bill) had passed away, in his home surrounded by his friends and family, ready to be received by the lord. I will post more on Bill Bill, but my heart is not quite ready to at this point so I am going to finish recoding our vacation. On Monday my sisters Dad and I all took off to Alabama to spend time with my mom and my Memaw and all the rest of our family. We left the Boys in Baton Rouge with the kids. We had decided that the kids did not need to be in the car for a whole extra day. When we returned to Baton Rouge late Thursday night we were glad to see our babies. The kids had a blast with their Daddy’s. When I asked Emma Grace what her favorite part of vacation was she said “Uncle Pooky” (this is what she calls Uncle Jonathan). We spent time on Friday in New Orleans (by far my favorite American City), and Saturday we packed up and headed back home. It was a rough vacation, but we have promised each other we would make it up and do something fun again soon. Here a few random pictures to notate the events of our Unorganized 2010 Summer Vacation.

Dad we love you and thank you for letting us come a stay with you at “Hotel Bullington.” Wish we would be there with you all the time.

Well Baby Checkup's for the Coble Kids

Last Friday we went to the doctor for our Yearly Well Baby Checkup’s, and everyone received a clean bill of health. I thought I would post about the kids stat’s so I do not forget them.

Emma Grace: 2 years old

Weight : 26.6 pounds (47 percentile)

Height: 35.5 inches (84 percentile)

Taylor: 6 years old

Weight: 51.5 pounds (70 percentile)

Height: 47 ¾ inches (74 percentile)

My baby’s are growing up so very fast. I wish I could stop time. Let me rephrase that I wish I could stop time for my Taylor man, I need Emma Grace to get out of the terrible 2’s before we stop time for her!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of First Grade for Taylor Lee Coble

Today was Taylor’s first day of First Grade and he declared that it was fantastic! This little boy of mine loves school, loves to socialize, and most importantly he loves to learn!!!! His teacher is Ms. Rich, and they have a pet Rabbit named snowball which Taylor just adores. When he got in the car today he said “mom school was great, but the first half of the day was BORING, because all we did was go over the rules of the school.” So very cute.

Taylor your mom and I are so very proud of the young boy you are becoming. We love to watch you smile and laugh, and plan your next great invention. Speaking of “inventions” last week while we were on vacation as we were driving across the swamps from Baton Rouge to New Orleans I challenged you to quit playing on your I-Phone and to look for Alligators. I said I would give you $5.00 for every gator you spotted. After a minute you piped up and said “Emily the next time we come down here we are going to have a new Alligator spotting invention and we will earn millions of dollars.” And then you went back to playing your game. You are a very clever little boy, and I love your creativity. Keep up the good work my son, but please quit growing up so very fast! I love you , Mom

Can you believe this little boy is already in the first grade?

Snowball the class rabbit!

My handsome little boy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that I found on my “purse” camera

This is Taylor with the kitties at the Farmer’s Market. This little boy loves a kitty cat. Unfortunately her daddy and I really aren’t cat type people. Maybe one day he can have an outside kitty.

I love this little girl – especially when she is quietly sleeping!!!

Emma Grace is a real handful these days. She likes to do everything her “self”, and yes this is her in her pj’s that she put on her “self”. Do you see her shirt wrapped around her waist, with her brother’s Lightsaber?

Coble's 2010 Summer Vacation

Today is day 2.5 of the Coble’s 2010 summer vacation. Thursday night after work Ryan, Taylor, Emma Grace, my sister Emily, and I all took off and headed to Little Rock for the night. Friday we had the car serviced, and as soon as it was done we took off to Baton Rouge for our week long vacation. We were supposed to go to the beach in Destin, FL, but because of all the BP oil spill mess we had to cancel. However, we are glad to be spending a week in Baton Rouge and New Orleans with G-Daddy. We wish Manna was here, but we know her mom and dad need her very much right now.
Today is Saturday (day 1 in Baton Rouge), and already we have been to the farmers market, watched the hot air balloons at the Baton Rouge Hot Air balloon festival, went swimming, grilled steaks, went shopping, and met up with Mary, Jonathan and Lucy. It has been a busy day, and we are really looking forward to the rest of our vacation!
Just resting!

Talking with Daddy

Isn't she beautiful!!!!

View from G-Daddy's patio:
View from G-Daddy's patio:

Hot air festival.

This is a rainbow that we saw on our way do to LA!
Update on Bill Bill – Bill Bill is not doing very good right now. A couple weeks ago he had to go to the hospital because he was having seizers during the night. When they brought him to the hospital and ran test they determined that he has an aggressive cancer in his brain that has spread to his lungs. He left the hospital yesterday to go home and now he is under hospices assistance. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Yes tomorrow is the big day - the day I have dreaded since my 21st birthday. Yikes - I will turn 30 years old tomorrow. I am really dreading this day, and have been dreading it for a long time. Everyone says that 30 is really when you get to start enjoying your life. Well, I really enjoyed my life in my 20’s. I started my family, I have a successful career, my roots are planted firm in NWA, we are very involved in our church, and we have wonderful friends. How much better can it get, I ask you? Stay tuned and I will let you know how the 30’s are, but just for the record I am not looking forward to them. I feel so old.

Emma Grace's Birthday Morning

Here are some cute pictures of Emma Grace opening her Birthday presents the other morning. I have gotten so bad about blogging regularly, and I really hope to turn that around really soon. After August 20th I am going to have a lot more time on my hand – I will write about that one later!

"Upside Down"

This is Emma playing dress up in her new high hilled shoes. We had the best time the other morning while daddy and Taylor were getting their hair cut. We played dress up and Emma Grace let me paint her toenails (clear of course). I think she might be a little bit girly when she grows up, but probably mostly a tomboy.

“Upside Down” this is Emma Grace’s favorite phrase and favorite position!! I tell you this child is not scared of anything and she will go “upside down” on anything she can find.

Special Time With My Precious Children

On Sunday afternoon after nap Emma Grace and I headed to the Promenade for some shopping and Coldstone Creamery! This little girl loves ice-cream! She sat there until she ate every last bite of that blue ice cream with frozen gummy bears in it! Emma Grace you are such a sweet little girl, you are so independent, and when you set your mind to something you are going to do it and we just better get out of your way. You are in the process of transitioning to the next room at Play School and I just can’t believe that you are growing up so very fast.

This weekend I was able to spend special one on one time with each of my children, and it was so wonderful. Saturday morning Taylor and I headed to Panera for breakfast and then to the farmers market to get our weekly produce and $9.50 pound of bacon (Taylor’s pick). Then we went and stocked up on our school supplies for the 1st Grade. One of Taylor’s favorite phrases is “we don’t have any fun anymore now that Emma Grace is here.” Yes he has been saying this for two years, so it is always very nice to get some much needed one on one time with my little TLC (Taylor Lee Coble).