Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ready to Swim

and oh how she has stolen my heart.....

A day at the park

As an attempt to get out of the house and get in the sunshine I have braved out twice this week with my three little babies and headed to the park.  It is not relaxing for me but it sure wears them out and it is nice to hang out in the sunny weather.  They sure were sweet today eating their picnic together. 

Dress Up Day

I am not one for dress up but my little Emma Grace loves it so I have tried to cultivate this creative side.  This one picture is of here in my makeup dressed up as a clown.  Cracked me up with all that lip stick. 

Mommy and Me

Love my baby girl.

Mother's Day 2013

I wish I could say we had a productive Sunday for mother's day, but we stayed out too late the night before and I did not even get my makeup on for pictures on Sunday.  But we had fun finding a new park and having dinner out.  I am so blessed to be the momma to these 4 little ones. 

Girl Pictures

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend the family and friend events at our friends new restaurant in Buckhead.   It is called King and Duke and it is awesome!  I highly recommend it!  But it was so awesome to be at this event  because everyone we know was  in at the same place having dinner.  Great way to catch up with everyone in one place. Plus we love an opportunity to have dinner with Cara and Daniel....  Not sure why all the women there were wearing orange but it made for cute  pictures.

Chess Champion

We are so proud of Taylor and all of his chess accomplishments.  We have never seen a child with so many trophies...... 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All 4!!!!

I am 100% sure this is why I have not invested in professional portraits of all four of these guys yet.  It is so hard to get everyone looking in the same direction. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Extra

This is what triplets would look like.  Thank God I don't have them, but thank goodness for this cute little blond.  This third one year old is Clair.  Her family moved here right after we did and her mom and I met in Bible study.   Her mom called me on Tuesday afternoon and said she was in labor could I please come get Clair, and could she stay the night with us.  It was great fun, but I am thankful I was only blessed with twins and not triplets.   Emma grace was a huge help she loved that Clair talks and could communicate with us. 

Okay I think I am finally caught up with my blogging!!!!! 

Dressed so cute....

But not interested in a picture.  This is the story of my life. 

Girl's Weekend 2013

I had the best time catching up with my old friends this weekend in Dallas.  I love this group of women and I love that we just picked up where we left off even though it has been over a year since I have seen them.  We talked about our kids, husbands, jobs, dreams, disappointments, and old times.   We laughed together and cried together. We ate well, shopped hard, and drank plenty.  And secretly we enjoyed getting away from our everyday life;-)  Looking forward to Nashville 2014!