Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Ya'll

Happy Halloween!!! What an awesome day we have had enjoying the beautiful fall colors, meeting lots of new friends in the new neighborhood, and watching the kids enjoy the day's festivities. Our neighborhood has a very active Halloween tradition of getting everyone together for pizza and festivities before the kids go trick or treating. It was so much fun seeing all the kids play together, and enjoying our new neighbors. The  big kids went tricker or treating with their daddy, while the babies and I stayed behind and handed out candy. 

This is a picture of my foyer window, and I have loved looking at this beautiful maple tree for the past couple of weeks.  The colors have been amazing.  You will have to ignore the ugly chandelier that is also included in the picture.  The town that we live in is very old, and the houses are old, and we have some updating projects to do, but that is a post all of its own!  Enjoy the colors of fall!!!

These are our little trick-or-treaters!  Albert Einstein, Minnie Mouse, and Spot the Dog!

Emma Grace cracked me up insisting that she wear this outfit.  Last year I had bought her a fairy costume, in about a size 12 so that she could wear it for the next 10 years because remember that I hate spending money on costumes.  But she did not want to be the fairy, she wanted to wear the size 2T dog costume (remember that she is 4).  You can see form the picture that the pants are about 6 inches to short, and she has the worst wedgie.  Not to mention she wants to wear the costume tomorrow to dress up day at school - Lord help me. 

Taylor really wanted to be a Star Wars something or another, but he also has a school project coming up that he has to dress up as Albert Einstein for, so again being cheep for Halloween I made him wear his A.E. costume!  Thank goodness Aunt Emily left her brand new size 4 suit jacket here in May, so Taylor could borrow it!  I tried to find him a jacket his size but I did not want to spend $85 on it because we are not really suit type people.  But I did buy him new slacks and a new button up white shirt - it will double as a Christmas outfit.  I have not figured out how I am going to get my money out of that wig yet. 

This has been a really busy day.  Preston started walking big time today!  He started taking lots of steps tonight.  Addison was too funny trying to imitate brother by getting on her knees and walking just on her knees.  It is funny how jealousy can be used as a motivator. 

These were the girls before school this morning!  I thought they looked so cute all dressed alike. 

Funny story.  My next door neighbor is a wonderful women, and a busy momma to 4 older children.  Her oldest is a senior in High School, and her youngest Gretion is 10 (picture posted above as Minnie Mouse). She is so very busy running the kids all over the place, her oldest sons are competitive swimmers, and she is just busy.  Well today I looked outside at about 4:30 and she was franticly working in her front yard blowing leaves out of the way, and carving a pumpkin for the front porch.  She had sent her husband to the basement to find some fall decorations for the front portch to decorate a little bit (keep in mind again it is 4:30 on Halloween night).  The next thing I know I look outside and he has strung up fire place mantle pumpkin garland from the rafters on the front porch.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!  I wish I had taken a picture.  Kathy said "I can't believe he has used my inside decorations on the outside."  The whole event cracked me up. 

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Oh my goodness - this made me laught outloud.
Thanks for the stories and great pictures.