Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Graduation Party

Evidently graduation parties are a big thing in Georgia, so we were very excited to get invited to our first party for our neighbor Zach. We got all dressed up and had a great time. 

Sunday Morning Church Picture

I was so proud to get my family all dressed up for church and have time to take a picture!  If only I could figure out how to get them all to look and sit still!

Outside Fun....

First Trip Home

I did something so crazy a couple weeks ago.  I packed up my four small children and drove them 700 miles across the the country back to Arkansas.   We had the best trip and my kids did so well, and it was really self esteem builder for me since we have been so home bound for the past year. The twins are so hard and I just really don't like getting in unfamiliar situations because I never know how they will respond.  My biggest fear is that they will get away from me and go in separate directions.  But they did great on this trip. Ryan flew out at the end of the week and drove back with us and I was thankful for that since I cried the whole way back.  I love Georgia,  but I miss Arkansas and our friends, family, my old job, the culture, the Razorbacks, sushi king, and rick's.

Gymnastics Wrap Up

Emma Grace just finished up her fiat year of gymnastics and she loved every minute of it.  So thankful that she is finding things that interest her.

Play day at the park

So hard to get a good picture....

Taylor's School Hobbies

So proud of Taylor and all that he accomplished this year at school.  He had so much fun in chess and he do so well in Target.  And this week he is having a great week at the space engineering come at Georgia Tech.  Love my smart little boy.