Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stealing Shamelessly......

Today we spent the whole day with Aunt Mary and Lucy. We all packed up and went to Manna and G-Daddy’s house for the afternoon. Of course I forgot my camera but Aunt Mary had hers and I am stealing her pictures off of her blog shamelessly. I thought that they were too good to pass up. The girls were wearing the same outfit just in different colors. I bought Emma’s when I was pregnant with her and was convinced she was a boy. Of course Mary got Lucy’s when she found out she was having a little girl. Sorry I thought you were a boy Emma, and sorry the pink is way cuter.

Taylor’s new funny face. I love this funny little boy and all of the new things that he comes up with in his silly little mind.
Mommy and Emma
Lucy and Emma
Lucy and Emma = BFF
After we took this picture Taylor looked at us and said “yuck, Lucy smells like throw-up.” We all laughed because Mary had just gotten done commenting on how both her and Lucy smell like spit-up by the end of the day. Sorry Aunt Mary 4 year olds are brutally honest.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here are some updated pictures of my sweet Emma. She is really starting to smile, crack up at funny things (like mom sticking her tongue out), and hold her head up really well.

Thank you Lucy for letting us borrow your cute sleepers:

Emma checking out her mobile: I call this Emma’s Elvis outfit (I love the collar on it)
The whole gang:
Tummy Time:

Chickenpox or Not?????

That was the question of our day.

Today my Tatar Tot got sent home from school because they thought that he might have the Chicken Pox. Well after a quick trip to the doctor we determined that these were not Chicken Pox but bug bites from his camping trip this weekend. Better safe than sorry I guess especially since Taylor’s play school has had three cases in the past few weeks. Up until we went to the doctor all I could imagine was Taylor, Emma, and me all home with the Chicken Pox at the same time. What a sight that would have been. Hopefully that will never happen since we have all been vaccinated for them, but I keep thinking back to what my mother has always told me since I have never had the them “you are going to get them on your wedding day.” I did avoid that one but maybe she was wrong and really setting me up to get them when my children get them. Good thing mom does not live far for situations like that!!! As I write this entry all I can think about is “Chicken Pox” what a weird name.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Camping They Will Go….

Yesterday Taylor went on his very first camping trip with his Daddy, Best Friend Kenneth, Cousin Lawson, Mr. Brad, and Uncle Sean. I hear they had a blast, but of course “Girls aren’t allowed mom.” Ryan said that the boys played so well together, they loved playing with sticks and burning stuff in the campfire. This morning when they were trying to fish with the boys the boys were only interested in yelling and throwing rocks in the water. Unfortunately there were lots of other people around so they had to go back to the campsite. Ryan said they were so pooped last night that Taylor fell asleep in Daddy’s arms while they were sitting around the campfire. What a precious ending to such an adventuress daddy son day.

I wish I could have been there to see them play but Taylor assured me today that “Girls could come the next time.” As soon as I get the boy’s disposable camera developed I will post pictures on our blog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mary and Lucy Come to Visit 2 Times in Past Two Days

Mary and I have had so much fun the past few days playing with the girls. I am going to miss our extended time together when I go back to work.

Also update from today – Emma rolled over!!!! (9/26/08)

Emma and Lucy sitting in a tree....

Who wears short skirts???? Emma.... Don't tell dad.
Tummy Time:

My Watermelon Princess:
My Taylor is not a morning guy:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Trip to the Doctor for Both Momma’s Babies

Today had to have been the single most emotionally draining day for me as a mother. I had to take both of my babies to the doctor to get their immunizations. Taylor went first and it took everything the nurse and I had to hold him down so we could give him is four shots. He was so upset – I can’t stand to see my little boy cry. Then we had to give Emma her 3 shots, and though we did not have to restrain her, she was so helpless and so pitiful as her whimper increased to screams. The worst part of it all was Taylor hit behind a chair hiding his face, while Emma was getting her shots, and cried and yelled “please don’t hurt my baby sissy” please don’t hurt my baby sissy”. Even the nurse was in tears when we left. I will never ever attempt anything like that again without my hubby. We were all such a wreck when we left I gave Taylor a free pass to skip swim lessons, and we went to Krispy Kreme to get donuts.

Good news is in conjunction with Emma’s immunizations she also had her two-month well baby check up, and she is doing very well. She is up to 10 pounds and 5 ounces, and 23 inches long. It is so funny Ryan and I have friends that had a baby about 3-4 weeks after Emma was born and he was born at 10 pounds and 7 ounces. Emma is two months old and she still does not weight what their baby weighed at birth. Stephanie my hat goes off to you. I don’t know how you carried a baby that big, much less how you delivered a baby that big. Emma’s doctor did notice that the click in her hip is back and we will have to continue to watch it to see that it develops properly. They found this click when she was first born while she was in the hospital, but when we had her ultra sound the Orthopedic doctor said her hip looked great.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mary and Lucy Come to Visit and We Also Head To the Park

Today was such a wonderful day. This morning Mary and Lucy came over very early and we hung out most of the day. Lucy had her two-month check up today and she weighed in at 12 pounds and 7 ounces and was 24 inches long. Emma will go tomorrow for her two-month check up. I can’t wait to see what she weighs. I can’t believe that our girls are already two-months old. Time sure does go fast when you are raising babies. I also go back to work 3 weeks from today. That will be a hard day.

I also got to pick Taylor up from school early today and we headed to the park for an afternoon of fun. I am so envious of Taylor and his daddy because this weekend they are going camping with cousin Lawson, Uncle Sean, Mr. Brad, and Kenneth. I just love to watch Taylor play with his best buddy Kenneth. I know they will all have a good time. Hopefully I can get daddy to take some pictures to share with everyone.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Razorback Tailgating (Alabama vs. Arkansas Game)

Today we headed over to the Road Hog Park to tailgate at the Bost’s RV (Mary’s in-law’s). It was great fun, even thought the Hogs got spanked by Alabama (oh well, better luck next year). This was Emma’s first tailgating experience, but Taylor is an old pro. Taylor has been Tailgating at the Bost’s since he was just a baby. Mary and I dressed Lucy and Emma in their matching Razorback outfits and they were a huge hit!!! Enjoy or pictures.

Lucy and Emma (Emma not very happy - must be the bow):
Emma Grace:
Jonathan, Lucy, and Jonathan's friend Matt:
One proud poppa (Jonathan and Lucy):
My beautiful sister Mary:
Miss Emma:
Taylor and his water-fan-cooler thing – Taylor you went around all afternoon with this thing squirting people.
Grandcookie (Becky) and grandbaby Lucy:
Mary and Emma:
Laura, Lucy, and Emma:

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Pictues of Our Babies

Okay so everyday is picture day in our house, but I just love updating this Blog.

Today Emma was cooing and talking so much. She is starting to get really excited about things and she will squeal and kick her legs and swing her arms. She loves looking at the animals go round on her swing. Thing are beginning to get fun at our house!!!

Taylor you either have your eyes closed or your finger in your ear in most pictures that I take of you these days.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Momma’s Little Boy

Taylor today you and I were outside jumping on the trampoline and after we totally exhausted ourselves we both plopped down and snuggled together, and you looked over at me and said “you are the best mom ever, we have so much fun together.” Then a few minutes later you said “mom I really hope God gives me another baby sister, baby sisters are just so sweet and cute and I really want another one.” Although 20 minuets later when we got in the house and I asked you to go to the bathroom and wash the trampoline grime off of your hands and you looked me straight in the eyes and said “mom your not my best friend anymore, and I don’t like you at all anymore.” Wow how your mood changes from minute to minute. I still love you nonetheless!!!

Mommy and Daddy are Growing Up

Today had to have been the single most stressful day in all of our six years of marriage. Today we made a decision that will have to last us at least 25 years. Today we purchased our very own grown up mattress. Not one of the ones that you go to Sam’s Club and buy (there is nothing wrong with this kind – this is what we bought when we first got married), but we actually went to specialty bedding store that sold nothing but mattresses. We had a lot of fun, but there were over 40 mattresses in this one store to lie on and make our decision from. This was truly a fun experience but stressful nonetheless. I really hope that we enjoy our new mattress as much as we think that we will. I’m not sure that they do returns on those things.

This also marks the week that we got our new bedroom furniture set. Ryan and I have been using hand me downs from my parents. They had this furniture when they got married over 30 years ago. You can imagine the shape that it is in. It is so wobbly that when I open the dresser drawer I just pray that the decorative stuff I have on top does not fall to the ground. As of right now our children have nicer furniture than we do. I can’t wait till it all comes in next week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emma is 8 Weeks Old

Wow it is so hard to believe that Miss. Emma Grace is already 8 weeks old now. She is doing such cute things at this point. Those first couple weeks are so hard to watch them grow up but now it is really starting to get fun. Emma is looking at us and cooing and smiling really big, and I think she is getting ready to laugh. Emma you are growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Debra and Sydney Come to Visit

This has been the best weekend. My dear childhood friend Debra and her daughter Sydney came to visit us all the way from Georgia. It has been a year since we have seen Debra and her family, and this visit was long overdue. Sydney is now two and growing up so fast and she is such a fine beautiful young lady. She is such a sweet little girl and she is the best eater. She has eaten everything that I have fixed or anything that is put in front of her. I would be terrified to take a trip like this with Taylor because I know that he would throw a fit when it would come to meal times. He would say something like “oh garbage.” He is so rotten (and picky) when it comes to his food.

The weather turned pretty cool today and since Debra and Sydney are from Southern Georgia they did not pack their fall clothes. We pulled out some of Taylor old clothes and put them on Sydney and they brought back the best memories of Taylor for me.

Thank you Debra and Sydney for coming to Arkansas to visit us – we enjoyed you so very much. Below are some pictures from our adventures.