Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

Yesterday morning the Twin’s, Taylor and I all walked up to Taylor’s school to his Fall Festival of Fun!  Emma Grace and Daddy met up with us after Gymnastics for a snow cone (cute picture below).  Taylor had a blast!  He really did not enjoy the rock climbing, but he loved the quad jumping, and the bounce house jousting.  He is all boy!  I loved watching the day unfold – we arrived around 10:00 (when things were just getting started) and when we left at 1:00 the place was full, and was going all day long.  People don’t really seem to get in a hurry around here, and they all showed up and stayed all day at a school carnival – showing their support for their children’s education.  I loved this simplified life and great community we have fallen into!  Sorry I know that my few blog readers are tired of hearing that!
It was the babies nap time, but they did really good just hanging out. Aren't they the cutest!!!

There was a petting zoo with the cutest miniature animals. 

This school does not mess around when it comes to fun.  They had about 10 huge inflatable’s set up for the kids. 

Please ignore that I don’t have on much makeup, but I am determined to take more pictures with my children no matter how I look!  And please don’t judge me because the makeup that I do have on is way too dark!  It is a sample, because I am out of my good stuff.  If I knew where or how to get to a Lancôme I would fix that, let me rephrase that – if I had time to drive into the city to the mall I would get some matching make up – let me try one more time, if I had the energy to pack up all my kids and drive into the city to the mall to go to the Lancôme counter I would get some matching make up.  Now that I am typing this I am starting to think that I could probably order some make up off the internet, and have it delivered.  Genius!!!!  Thanks for letting me talk that out. 

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Char said...

You look beautiful and I love all of the pictures!