Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mint Chocolate Cake Balls

This weekend I developed a new cake ball recipe: Mint Chocolate, and just in time for the holidays. It was so yummy and beautiful!!!

Put your order in now for Christmas. Mary and I have decided that we are going make ourselves available for your Holiday Cake Ball Orders. Let us know in advance if you would like to order. Our flavors include: Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, Red Velvet, Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Oreo Chocolate. We are up to trying any new flavors that you might want.

Sunday at the Park

This weekend the kids and I were left to entertain ourselves while daddy spent the weekend duck hunting. Today we spent most of the day in the house, but this afternoon we did get out to enjoy the beautiful weather at the park. We are glad the dad is home because long weekends like this wear mommy out.

Saturday with Family

Have you ever seen anything so very cute: Lucy and Emma Grace holding hands and BFF.

Mary and I thought that it would be fun to take the kids to Fayetteville on Saturday afternoon, but it really was not. They wore us out!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emma …..

pooped in the potty tonight. No pictures to share. Can you believe that she is only 16 months old and going poop in the potty? We will see if it last!!! Can you believe that things that we blog about as mommies – poop is not off limits.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Taylor’s Thanksgiving School Celebration

Today we got to go to Taylor’s school for his Thanksgiving celebration. His class sang the cutest little song, and then they went around the room and said what they were thankful for. Most kids said something sweet like “I am thankful for my mommy and daddy.” Not our Taylor, he said “I am thankful for my watch.” Ryan and I just laughed. After the kids performance they got have a feast of: turkey, cheese, rolls, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and apple cider. They had so much fun!!! Ms. Eubanks is so creative and so very good to these kids.

PS – I uploaded my first video and it works. Enjoy the kids performance! I am loving this new purse camera!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Funny Taylor Story

Taylor has been working very hard on his letter sounds, and spelling. He is constantly sounding words out, for example instead of saying “computer” he will say “cu, cu, cu, cu computer” “mom computer start with a c.”

Well the other day he came running out of his room and he said in a frantic voice “mom I have to go pu, pu, pu, pu poop.” I got such a tickle out of this that I had to remember to document it, although he will probably kill me one day for doing so!

Emma Grace Goes to the Doctor

I am so glad that I now have this handy dandy little purse camera. The picture quality is less than impressive; however, I am able to capture moments like these:

Today Emma Grace had to go to the doctor to get her cough checked out. Turns out she has double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. Yes this little girl loves a pen - I think she might either be a writer or an artist when she grows up. She cracks me up because she always gets comfy, by laying on her belly, to color or draw.

Hopefully she will be feeling all better for her week long stay with Nene and Poppy next week while the rest of us are in NYC.

Purse Camera

I just got a little camera that I can always keep in my purse, and I am so excited because I can now take random pictures like these. I don’t know how I have made it all these years with out one.

It got cold here last night - doesn’t Emma Grace look like she is ready for a blizzard?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cake Ball Galore

Yesterday Mary and I spent all day long making cake balls for our Sunday School Christmas party and our UMW bake sale. It was a lot of fun but it was completely exhausting. I think we made roughly 300 of them. We made chocolate, red velvet, and a new creation coconut. They were all wonderful! Here are some pictures of our work (aka my messy kitchen).

These Cake Balls are so very good!!! We got so may complements at the party last night and at the bake sale today. We are thinking that we should go into business together.

I love all the time that Mary and I have been able to spend together lately. For the past couple weeks we have been getting up and going walking together at he Fitness Center. Did I mention that we are getting up and leaving at 4:45!!! Yikes – it is early but we are really enjoying our time together.

Confession and Play Date

Dear Blog-
I have failed you. I have not been loyal, and I have let other obligations come between us. Please forgive me for I have been in Dallas working most of the week. I vow to try to be more consistent and timely in my post from now on out! Sincerely, Laura

Now, on to the real business. Last weekend we were able to reunite Taylor with some of his old buddies from preschool. We met up with Erin L. and Parker man at Chuck E Cheese for an afternoon of entertainment. These guys were in playschool together from the time they were each 3 months old. They have always been best of buds. And we moms have really gotten to be great friends through our children.

Erin, Parker, and Taylor

Parker Man
Little Miss Erin

Little Miss Tag-a-long

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking back - Christmas 2008

I can’t remember if I have ever shared these pictures with my blog. These were taken last Christmas out at my Memaw and Bill Bill’s house; these are my mother’s parents and all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (and all the spouses). I just found them as I was going through my inbox. Can you believe that two people could be responsible for creating all of these wonderful people? It is just fascinating when I think of it, and I hope one day that I can look back on my life and have created something so very big and special (maybe ½ as big!).

I am ready for our annual Christmas trip to Alabama this year!

All the great-grand children:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here is the big unveil – about 5 days late – better late than never. Little Emma Grace was a pink octopus for Halloween and she was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Besides her bother Taylor who was a mad scientist who unfortunately would not let me take one single picture of him.

These are some pictures from my work party on Thursday, Taylor’s Fall Party, Ryan’s work party, and Emma’s work party which were all on Friday. The kids had fun but of course they got way to much candy. Saturday we showed up at church for Truck or Treating and no one was there, so we headed home and Taylor got to do traditional door-to-door trick or treating for the first time in his life. We had a wonderful weekend.
Emma Grace the Octopus:
Kellie, Nathan, and Taylor all decorating their pumpkins:
Emma’s favorite new position:

Emma Grace and her friends at school:
Lucy the Ladybug:

Ms. Eubanks (Taylor's Teacher)

Taylor's Class Fall Party:

Silly Taylor:

Emma Eating Ice at the Bost's Tail Gate Party:

P.S. I have just about decided that I have become the worst blogger ever. It never fails that I can’t seem to find more that one time a week to blog. I am going to try to get better because I truly do enjoy blogging about the things that my family is doing. Maybe you guys could help hold me accountable somehow?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flu Bug

The flu bug has hit our house. Ms. Emma Grace has been home all week with the Flu. She has been a trooper, but mom and dad were scared to death Sunday night when she was up all night for 103+ fever. She is doing a lot better now just a little bit crabby. I just pray the rest of us don’t get us also. Pray she is feeling better soon. Ryan and I hate when our kids are sick, and we hate to miss out on work also.

Hope none of you get it. Especially Lucy since her and Emma Grace were sharing a sippy cup on Saturday.