Monday, March 2, 2015

Look who popped!

So proud of Emma Grace!  She “popped” two weeks ago at school.  Which means she knew all of her popcorn words.  My favorite was how proud of herself she was.  She came home with the biggest smile on her face and asked me what was under her shirt.  She smiled so BIG as she pulled out her popcorn award to show me.  I love how hard Emma Grace works at everything she does.  It does not always come very easy but she has so much determination that she will figure it out. 

Father Daughter Dance 2015

This little girl just melts my heart.  She is truly very low maintenance.  I asked her if we wanted to go shopping together for a new dress and she said “nope I am going to wear my dress from last year.”  That was fine by me.  She truly needed some new dress shoes to match the dress but she did not want to go shopping “she said I will just wear my silver boots.”  I cringed a little at this, but saved me money and from buying a pair of shoes that she would only wear for a time or two.   So she got dressed, grabbed her purse, let me take a few pictures, and the next thing I know I found her hysterical in the corner crying that she did not want to go.  She keeps her feeling to herself so she would not tell us why she did not want to go but she did not want to go.  She would not let me take a picture of her and her daddy.  But she did let her daddy take her for ice cream, and somehow he convinced her that they should go for a few minutes.  They went and had a wonderful time.  She later told me that “she did not want to go and got so upset because she knew there would be a lot of people there.”  Poor baby I hate that feeling of uncertainty.  I wish I knew how to get her to articulate herself better. 

Snow Days 2015