Sunday, July 28, 2013

Destin, FL 2013 Family Summer Vacation

Each year we usually go on a trip with my family (my parents, my sisters, my BIL, niece, and nephew). This year we chose to go to Destin for the week. We had the most wonderful time with our family, well besides everyone catching a virus, the continuous rain, and mom’s short stay in the hospital. It was all comical but we tried to make the very best of it.

I do love the pictures that I have posted below. My mom hired her old high school classmate to come down to FL and take pictures for a couple days. He name is Hal Yeager, he is from Birmingham and he is a very good photographer, and it was such a pleasure to meet him.

Really we did have a great vacation despite the calamity of unfortunate events. We ate well, drank plenty, laughed hard, and my mom is feeling much better. And I am so thankful to have my family all back together. Taylor and Emma Grace had spent the two weeks prior to our beach trip in Dallas with my mom and sister. Wow 2 weeks was too long, but they had so much fun!

We also had a lot of discussions regarding next year’s trip and we decided that we love a house on the beach, but we love the convenience of maid service in a hotel (because we are a very messy group). We also really don’t like having to cook on vacation but our children are too young to go out to restaurants plus our group of 13 is pretty big. So we decided on a house on the beautiful coast of Turks and Caicos, with a private pool/hot tub, with a maid named Wesley and a cook named Nadine. So excited about June 2014!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer time fun


Crawfish Boil

We were so thankful we could do our first crawfish boil with our new Georgia friends.  I think it was a success most of the food was gone and at one point I counted and there were 40 people in the house.  So thankful for what God has blessed us with. 

VBS Week