Thursday, July 26, 2012

11 Months Old, and Giving Thanks....

I can’t believe that this time next month we will be celebrating a Addison and Preston’s 1st Birthday.  I have no idea where this year has gone, or how we have been bless beyond measure.  I love this picture of my babies, but as I have posted many times before: one of them is always crying.  Usally it is sister, as you can see from this picture brother is pretty easy going!

Addison Update: Addison this picture does a lot of justice to our overall personality right now. You are my most precious blued eyed angle (I can say that because you are my only blue eyed baby), but if something is not going your way this is the expression you will give. You will arch your back and throw yourself right to the ground and throw the biggest fit. I think this trait is going to take you very far in life. From what I can gather so far you are very independent. You like to do everything yourself and it makes you so mad when anyone tries to help (especially your twin brother). You love to eat solid foods all by yourself. You love to pull up on everything and look around. I love to watch you pull up to the window in your bedroom and look out. You are such a wonderful little strong willed girl! I love you baby girl.

Preston Update: Preston you are the happiest most go lucky child I have ever met. You could do without naps, and really much sleep at all, but over all you are a very sweet little mommy’s boy. You greet me every morning when I walk in your room smiling and jumping up and down in your crib, and it really warms my heart. You still love to nurse, and you prefer for momma to feed you your solid foods. You are crawling really well, and pulling up on everything. I really thought you would be walking by now, but I don’t think you are as interested anymore. You got your first hair cut this week, and you look like such a little boy and not a baby anymore. I love you my sweet little boy.

This picture is from this same week last year. I remember so looking forward to picture day this time last year. I was on bed rest (we were deemed a high risk twin pregnancy at 25 weeks gestation, and I was put on 100% bed rest at 27 weeks), and picture day was the same day as my weekly check up. It was the only time that I was allowed up to shower, shave, put makeup on, and sometimes my mom would take me to breakfast before my appointment.

As you can imagine being on bed rest gave me lots of time to think, wonder, and worry. This time last year I had lots of questions, lots of concerns, and lots of doubts about how we were going to manage life, and just overall what we had gotten ourselves into. It has been so amazing to look back over the last year, and see exactly how God has been at work in my family’s life. This has by far been the most challenging year of our life, but as always He has not forgotten us, but carried us through the hard and scary times. I am just so thankful today looking at my 11 month old babies and praising His name. Thank you Lord.

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