Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mother Daughter Girl's Day!

When I was young there were a few dreams that I had that I always prayed would come true. The first one was: the day my dad would walk me down the aisle and give me away to the man of my dreams. Check, done. The second one: the gift of children. I so look forward to carrying a baby, and feeling it kick inside of me. I prayed for the days that we would get to run and play, and pretend. And oh how I have always looked forward to the days that I would be able to have girl’s day with my daughters.

Emma Grace is really getting to a great age to do things like this with (aka – take out in public). There was a time that I thought I would never be able to take this child out of the house to interact with the rest of the world. But now that she is four years old she is really starting to listen well, and make great choices (as long as older brother is not around).

Saturday I really just needed some time out of the house away from the babies. I love my babies but they are a ton of work right now. So in an effort not to leave Ryan with 4 children I took Emma Grace with me. It was also her reward for not having accidents during the week. I think the new move to Atlanta and into a new house has caused lots of anxiety in her little body because she had been having lots of accidents, and I think it is probably just an “attention getter.” Therefore; her reward was a day with mommy!

We started off at the DMV where I got my new GA drivers licenses.  Next we had lunch, and then went to the mall where this little girl shopped and shopped.  Emma Grace loved Pottery Barn Kids and playing with all of the kid kitchen sets.  We rode the Merry Go Round.  Where Emma Grace picked a lovely horse to ride, she said it reminded her of the farm!  We stopped by Godiva where she ordered $13 worth of chocolate covered strawberries, and then proceeded to eat every single one of them!  We sat in the Lovesac (aka - giant bean bag chair, that mommy really wants for the playroom).  We shoe shopped, and tried on bathing suits which the results were not good in that department.  But we made up for that disappointment by having manicures and pedicures.  Emma Grace just absolutely loved this experience.  She was so sweet enjoying the massaging chair!  We have our toes and hands done and now we are ready for the beach.

Giving thanks today for dreams coming true! 

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