Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Dinner

For Emma Grace’s birthday we hired a babysitter for the twins and had a special dinner out with the big kids. Emma Grace got to pick the place, and with the help of her brother they picked the Melting Pot. It never fails that when you bring kids to the Melting Pot they take you to the very pack of the restaurant and seat you in isolation. I guess they don’t want you to interrupt others dinners! It really was not the kids that they had to worry about for I was the one that spilt my wine glass on the floor where it shattered all over their walls. My kids did great. Taylor found a new love for fondue when him and Aunt Emily when to Chicago for their early summer adventure.

The big kids appreciated the special time alone with mom and dad. I don’t know that the Melting Pot is a great place for 4 year olds. The meals seem to take about 2.5 hours and while Emma Grace did very well she did get very sleepy at the end of the meal – just in time for the chocolate. I did not mind eating her portion!

Can you tell how much Taylor loved it!

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