Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretend Play…..

Please excuse the messy hair, strawberry stained mouth, and PJ’s. We are just trying to get by right now!

Yesterday while I was trying to get some work done around the house, the big kids were going crazy and complaining, and picking on each other. So I had to give their little idle hands something to do. I had remembered that I had just put up band aids and badinages and medical tape. So I gathered up all of my supplies and two dolls and came running down the stairs screaming,” hurry, hurry there has been a terrible accident. Emma Grace quick get your Dr. Coat on (old white button down shirt).”

These two had more fun pretend playing and fixing up their babies. Taylor only wanted to work on the animals, because he preferred being a vet, and Emma Grace worked on all of the baby dolls. We checked their heart beats, their temperatures, we gave them medicine and fixed them up with badinages and band aids. Not only did they have a wonderful time playing doctor, but I noticed the rest of the afternoon they were very creative and fantasy like with their play. I love that we have time to relax and play.

And “yes”, I am trying to convince one of them to be a doctor! Got to start young.

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Char said...

You are SUCH a good mommy!