Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday My Sweet Emma Grace

Dear Emma Grace,

I have no idea where the past four years have gone. I have no idea how I was blessed with such a special, strong willed, independent, beautiful little girl who looks just like her daddy. I love you more and more every day. I love that you and I have so much time to spend together now days, and that you love being home with me and do activities (art projects) with me every day. I love that lately you have loved to organize! And that the other day you pulled all of your cloths out of your drawers, and closet, and wardrobe and organized them in the new shelf I had bought for you to put in your closet. I love that yesterday you and I made a birthday cake together to celebrate your 4th birthday. I love that you love to hang out and annoy your big brother and that you love to help me with the babies. I love you so much and so enjoy watching you grow up.

I learned yesterday that the OB doctor that I used to see, and who cared for me while I was pregnant with you passed away. He was a wonderful man. Dr. Cole was his name, and today my heart is heavy knowing that only 4 short years ago that you were still in my belly and that he was caring for us. He was an older doctor, he actually was your Nene’s doctor when she was carrying your daddy. He was 78 years old. I never really knew that he was that old, but he was the most caring doctor ever. Just over night it has made me realize how fast time flies and how quickly things can change. I look forward to cherishing the next many years with you baby girl, and spending so much more time together.

Love, Mom

This is Emma Grace's Birthday Balloon.  She was so excited when she woke up this morning and found it in her room tied to her new birthday lamp.  Yes I tried to be really practical this year and got her a lamp for her birthday to match her new room design.  I will show pictures when the room is complete. 

You can say that this year has really helped cure me of my OCD.  Taylor and I went birthday shopping last night at 7:30 when Ryan got home from work.  Talk about waiting till the last minute.  When we got home it was after 10:00 p.m.  I sat down had a snack pumped and asked the boys to help me wrap.  Old Laura would not have let my kids bake cupcakes for their birthday, and I would have made sure the packages were extra perfect with lots of ribbon.  I do have to say that Emma Grace could have cared less this morning when opening her gifts.  And Taylor was so proud of the job he did!

 Emma Grace's Homemade Birthday cupcakes!

 May all your birthday wishes come true!

This was Emma Grace's big birthday gift.  It is an art table/train table (remember I said I was going to be practical this year).  I have about decided that if I unpack one more box of toys or books I am going to loose my mind.  My children have more stuff that they ever need!!!  So practical we are.  I did let Taylor pick out some gifts for Emma Grace last night, and he thought she needed some more train accessories to go with the art/train table.  She love it all, and not quit playing with her train all day long. 

I think I am going to write a post on all of my wheeling and dealing I have been doing next.  Stay tuned!

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Char said...

Thank you for sharing all about Emma Grace's birthday. almost Made me feel like I was there. ;-)
Happy birthday my beautiful Emma Grace. Love you so much.