Sunday, July 22, 2012

Twin Pictures

The other day I packed up all of my beautiful children and we headed to McDonald's with an indoor play place to play.  I usually hate these things because they are dirty, but my kids had been stuck at home for 8 days and we really had not gotten out any with all of the unpacking and new home projects.  But since it has been raining for 6 weeks straight in the great state of Georgia we had to settle for a place that had lunch and playing.  The kids did not care that it was dirty, so I let them play play play, and then we came home and took a bath!  The twins did not get to play, but they sure did enjoy the cheese burger and french fries.  I think Addition will be a french fry junkie! 

These pictures are not from McDonald's but from the twins that afternoon playing in their room.  You can see the evidence of McDonald's on Addison's shirt.  Not really sure that these pictures belong on this blog post, or that the above blog post belongs with these pictures. 

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Jenny said...

oh my goodness, they're getting SO big!!!! I love the pics - who cares if they belong with the post! :)

I hear ya' about those indoor playgrounds. they gross me out too but sometimes they are just perfect for relieving a little stir crazy energy :). glad you guys had a fun day!