Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Twin Love

I love having twins!  Once upon a time, when I was pregnant with Emma Grace, I prayed really hard that she was a twin.  When I found out she was just one, I prayed really hard to God and asked repeatedly “if there was ever a 3rd, please make it twins.”  I had chosen to deny that prayer when we actually found out that we were expecting twins with our third pregnancy, but after we got over the shock of the news I would not trade them for anything thing.  I feel like the most blessed momma in the world!  Aren’t they so very cute!!!!


Jill said...

so cute!! and i love their outfits...where did you get them?

sthanlon said...

And that bond just grows closer and closer between the two of them as they grow. I feel doubly blessed every single day as well. Enjoy...they grow too quickly!