Friday, June 22, 2012


I am obsessed I admit it. And I am pretty sure that everyone is interested in this, well maybe not but I am going to document it, so you can quit reading if you like and wait for a new post tomorrow!

I am like those women on that show Extreme Couponers. I protect my breastmilk like it truly is liquid gold. I made Ryan move it all from Arkansas to Georgia. I had a whole 8 divider deep freezer full of it when we were getting ready to leave Arkansas, and I was not going to lose it. We could not bring our deep freezer with us because it was too big and would not have made the U-haul trip easy (plus it is too heavy for me to carry). So I had Ryan buy a small deep freezer that he could move in himself. We moved huge coolers full of breastmilk and dry ice across 5 states. I am happy to report that it all made it still frozen. The freezer is not nearly as organized as my old one, but my babies still have breastmilk if they need it.

I am actually embarrassed that I made Ryan go to all of this trouble because we have not used any of it since we have been here. I am still able to make enough and pump extra to sustain the babies. But I just could not bear the thought of throwing it out, unless you have breastfeed a baby you have no idea how much work it takes to get a whole deep freezer full of milk.

I actually did try to donate all of it before we left, but the process took longer than we had available so I moved it with us. I think it is actually going to work out great. I have big plans to nurse the twin’s until they are at least a year old. But Ryan and I want to go on an anniversary trip to celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary in August (before the twins are 12 months). I think that Nene and Poppy are going to make it over that weekend and watch the babies for us, and I bet they will put my milk to good use.

I am obsessed with breastfeeding, but that is another post that I will get to at some point in time.  I am truly thinking that I want to become a certified lactation consultant, so that I can help other momma’s successfully nurse their babies.  I have been reviewing all of my options for about 6 months now.  I have been craving a job with a lot of lifelong purpose, where I can truly make an impact in people’s lives.  We will see what happens. 
This freezer is actually almonst full to the top. 


Unknown said...

What a great goal, Laura! I think you would be a great lactation consultant! I admire you. I lacked the patience & determination to breast feed my twins. You are a hero.

Leslie said...

Sorry that comment was from me. I wasn't logged in :)

DeAnna said...

Our freezer looked the same. James said, are you crazy! haha! It's hard work!!