Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thorn Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago

This year Taylor (and the rest of the Bentonville school children) read the most wonderful book called The Sixty Eight Rooms. It was based off of an art exhibit called the Thorn Rooms that are on display at the Art Institute of Chicago. Manna planned the most wonderful, once in a lifetime trip for her and Taylor to go on to see this exhibit and all of Chicago. Unfortunately, Manna had to make a last minute emergence trip to Alabama to see about Memaw, so she was not able to go on the trip, but Aunt Emily saved the day and filled in for Taylor! From what I can tell they had a blast and wore themselves out! There will be more pictures to follow.

Thanks Manna and G-Daddy for the awesome trip and opportunity for Taylor. This is a trip and experience he will always remember!

Below is the cute thank you email that Taylor wrote and emailed to Manna and G-Daddy. I wanted to save it so he would always have it.

Dear Manna and G-Daddy,
Thank you for the trip to Chicago. I had fun in Chicago my favorite part was the Navy Pier. My favorite part in the Navy Pier was the Ferris wheel. I wish you could have been with me. The Thorne rooms were amazing! There were paper weights creatively decorated. The fondue was so good we ate it twice!

Manna I hope we can still spend some time together in Tennessee.

p.s .never look behind yourself on top of the Ferris wheel.


These are pictures of the Thorn Rooms:

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