Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Helen, Georgia

On Saturday we packed up the kids and went on a good old fashion Coble Family adventure. We went to the strange little quaint town called Helen, GA. Apparently in the 1960 when the town determined that the gold had all been found, they decided they better do something to keep their town alive. So they planned it as a resort type town to reflect being in Germany. I really wish I know how that town hall meeting went. Someone would have laughed at me if I would have suggested such a thing.

It is at the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains. It was kind of a surreal experience, because it was a very strange town out in the middle of nowhere. It was much like Branson, MO. We enjoyed out time there, and we got to spend some time driving around the national forest. While out and about a big black bear cub ran right out in front of our car.

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