Monday, June 18, 2012

Popa Roy’s Surprise 60th Birthday

I think Popa Roy was very surprised at his 60th Birthday party, when he found all of his family and friends gathered to celebrate in style.  Ms. Peggy did an awesome job pulling this all together!  And I am so glad we were able to celebrate before leaving for Atlanta. 

Isn't this cake cute!  The fisherman looks just like popa Roy and his fishing boat.

The Girls (Emma Grace, Lila Grace, and Britain)

The oldest Grand kids (Taylor, Lawson, Britain, Emma Grace, and Lila)

Emma Grace and Lila hiding under the table waiting to scare Popa Roy. 

Sean and his new family, and kids!  So happy for Sean and Meranda.

Popa Roy and his three boys!  What fine men each one of them are.  I am so honored to be a part of this amazing family. 
 My beautiful Sister In Law Audrey.  I will so miss all the time that my family was able to spend with her family.  I loved watching Lila and Emma Grace grow up together.  We will plan lots of family vacations, but it will not be the same as our impromptu weekend gatherings. 
 Ryan swore he would never wear a baby.  A lot of things change when you have twins!

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