Saturday, June 16, 2012

Church Hunting

Sunday we actually got out and made it to church! We are church hunting right now. I miss my old church and my old church friends. We really enjoyed all of the people at the church that we visited on Sunday, their nursery staff was phenomenal! The sermon was a little bit mundane. We had to leave halfway though church to go get Addison because she was so upset. I think she is a momma’s baby, and was having separating anxiety. It was okay that we had to leave early because we were really not impressed by the church service. Our goal is to find a church with a phenomenal children’s program, and where the Holy Spirit is alive during worship! Ryan and I know that it is out there and we are convinced we will find it. We are both opened to the denomination and the building and the experience, we are just playing that God leads us to where he wants us.

Sunday was really a calamity of unfortunate events. Addison throwing a fit and having to be picked up early, the kids fussing to get into church, getting Emma Grace out of the back of the car is the story of our life, both big kids complaining the whole service that they were starving, Emma Grace crying during service because she hit her head on the pew. When we got to the nursery and found Addison screaming we realized that the nursery workers had let Preston sneeze his whole fruit snack on himself and his closes were covered in bananas, and they informed me that I did not have a change of clothing. The fact that we got our whole family dressed up and out, and knew within 2 minutes that it was not the church for us.

After church we decided to grab the kids something quick to eat and go drive by our soon to be new house, and see what other church options were out there. When we stopped to get something to eat (through the drive thru) Emma Grace spilled water to Taylor, and it up set Taylor so much that we was in tears. After the morning that Ryan and I had had all we could do was laugh and that just make Taylor that much more mad. We chalked it up to another Coble family adventure and just went home!

However, it was not as bad as the night I caught the kitchen on fire in our corporate housing. I had no idea how we were going to explain it to Home Depot. Luckily I was able to blow hard enough and get the fire out! But, I now know firsthand what happens when you put water on a grease fire. Don’t try it. I knew better, but given that we are new to this living arrangement I had nothing to put on it but Fruit Loops and I did not know how well that would work out. Later that night after the smoke cleared out I did in fact find the fire extinguisher under the sink. This is really a separate blog post, and maybe I will take a picture of the blackened pan that Ryan would not let me throw out in fear of having to pay for.

Back to my original post, I was really proud that we all made it to church though! I am so very proud of my family and all of our adventures.

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Char said...

Love it and so glad you can laugh about it.