Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Afternoon At East Cobb Park

Saturday we packed up our stir-crazy kids and headed to the park. I have to admit that East Cobb has fantastic parks compared to Bentonville! There were families there hanging out all over the place. Taylor complained a little bit about having to play hard, but then he met a friend (same age/same grade) and they played and talked Star Wars for the next hours. Taylor does such a good job meeting friends that I don’t have any concerns with him starting a new school in a couple months.

This week we have been busy finishing up our home purchasing process, and getting the kids enrolled in some activities. We are currently church shopping, and we are trying to be open to a church. Our main objective is to find a church with awesome children’s ministries. I was able to get both Emma Grace and Taylor enrolled in the Methodist VBS. And I got all for kids enrolled in the Baptist VBS program, and I will be volunteering for the week (it was the trade off for getting all four kids enrolled)! Next on the list – to figure out how to get the kids enrolled in swim lessons and to find Emma Grace a part-time preschool program for next year.

I love this picture.  I thought they looked a little octopus!  They really do love each other, and they love sharing everything!

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Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

Laura- you are such an amazing mom to be able to adapt for 4 kids in a brand new city... You are AMAZING!!! What a great adventure & family bonding for your family of 6 ahead!! Keep up the blogging! :))
I have family in the Atlanta area... Good place!