Sunday, June 3, 2012

Taylor and Emily’s Chicago Trip in Pictures

Here are some of the pictures that Taylor and Emily brought me back from their Chicago Trip.

 Taylor thought this was a great picture at the Chicago Art Institute because he has seen it numerous times in the Baby Einstein movies that the twins sometimes watch. 

 Taylor loved the Navy Pier.  I think he made Emily take him to the Navy Pier 3 different times on their trips.  They played mini golf each time and road the Farris Wheel 2 times!

 Taylor loved learning about water ways and water channels at the Chicago Children's Museum

 Taylor digging for fossils at the Chicago Children's Museum
 Taylor and Aunt Emily
 Fenec Fox at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Taylor thought this was the cutest animal he had ever seen. 
 Taylor and and Skyline. 

 Taylor at the T-Rex (named Sue) - Field Museum.  This is the largest most complete T-Rex in the world. 
 Taylor has always found otters interesting. 
 One of Taylor's favorite exhibits at the Field Museum
 Rose Quarts from Arkansas at the Field Museum. Right now Taylor has a real love for rocks and crystals.  He loves to research them in many of his reference books. 
 Taylor loved that all of the roads over the water ways lifted for barges.

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