Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily Activities

Even though I let the kids sleep in, and stay up late, I am trying to keep up with their Daily Activities. And trying to limit TV time. I will admit that we are watching a little bit more TV than I would like, but by the end of the day I need all of the help I can get, and I figure a cartoon or two will not hurt. I am pretty sure that I watched a lot more TV as a kid and I turned out alright!

Emma Grace and I love to do her flash cards and fun activities. I am so proud that my baby girl knows all of her numbers 0-10, and she know all of her letters, and the sounds that they make. She still gets stuck on N, J and Q sometimes but I think 23 out of 26 at 3 years old it pretty perfect.

Taylor has actually been spending a lot of time reading this summer. He is on his second chapter book, and once he reads 8 Barns and Noble will give him a free book! He is pretty excited to try and meet that goal. I might have also bribed him with a new back of Skylanders!

The babies and I are working on their animal and element flashcards. They are not usually impressed but at least they are getting exposed!

Emma Grace sorting (and yes she is a little OCD like her momma):

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Char said...

Can't wait to smooch this sweet little face.