Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two New First in the Coble House

We had two new first this weekend in the Coble house.  Emma Grace started Gymnastics and she loved it!  Her and her daddy had a special outing to her first class, and daddy said she was a natural pro. 

And Taylor got a big boy bike, with handle bar breaks. Taylor has had so much fun playing in a neighborhood with lots of children who love to be outside riding their bikes. Taylor has never been much of a bike rider until the last few weeks. He told me last week “mom I think I have a new found love for bike riding.” I love that kid. 

Sorry my blog has been kind of boring the last couple weeks.  We have not had a whole lot going on.  I can’t wait to update my blog next weekend as we make our first long weekend trip to The Great Smoky Mountains.  The kids are so excited to go apple picking, fishing, and marshmallow roasting.  I am secretly hoping that we see some more Black Bears. 

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