Friday, August 31, 2012

Paths of Wisdom

I have not quit crying since Wednesday when my little boy came home in tears because another little child called him “stinky”. Taylor told me that he did not know if the child meant that he “literally smelt bad, or if he stunk, as in not popular.”

I can’t believe that another child would say that to my precious baby boy. The baby boy that I carried for 9 months, the baby boy that I have love unconditionally for the past 8.5 years. Momma’s why are you letting you children be mean to other children? Why are you not teaching that it is so hurtful when they speak ill to or about other children or people? Momma’s it is our job to talk and act only positively around our children because they will pick up on everything that we say and do.

My heart is just broken right now. 6 months ago when we lived in Arkansas Taylor was friends with everyone. He knew everyone in his school, and his church. I never had to worry about him getting his feelings hurt, and I have never worried about his hurting anyone else’s feelings because he is a very kind and accepting child.

Not only have I not quit crying since Wednesday, I have not quit praying. Praying for Taylor to be stronger that this other child and any situation like this that might come up in life, and praying that Taylor will find some lifelong friendships at this school.

Wednesday night when I was putting Taylor to bed we picked up our devotional Bible, and we read our daily scripture and our devotional. Now remember here how I told you that I had been praying to God all day, “to not let my little boy feel pain, and to help him find some good friends, and to feel accepted in this new school.” Our scripture was from Numbers 22: 9-14, where God said to Balaam, “Don’t put a curse on these people (the nation of Egypt), I have blessed them.” And our Devotional read: “It’s good to remember that every person is a sinner. We all have selfish hearts and want our own way. Even your friends at school. Sometimes they may say or do mean things that make you sad or angry. They may be wrong, but God says that we don’t need to get even. We can’t fix their ugly behavior by being mean, too. Instead, we need to overcome their sin with goodness. Kind words and actions can help others know God better.”

Oh my word isn’t it so amazing how the Lord proves that he hears us, and how he speaks back to us, and provides us with Paths of Wisdom!!!!

I tried to use this very moment with Taylor to walk him back through the day, and explain to him that mommy’s heart was breaking for him, and that she had been praying all day to the only person she knows to turn to in hard times. I think this was not only a reconfirmation for me of God’s Glory, but also a real eye opener for Taylor in his walk with Christ.

Lord, I hope and I pray that we, and when I say “we” I am especially talking about my children, fit in and are accepted in this new place called Marietta Georgia. As mush as I love our simplified life in the big city I will move back to NWA in a heartbeat. Where both Ryan and I have to work to live the life that we want for our family, where we are always going in a million different directions, just to bring happiness to my baby boy.

Momma’s please don’t accept bulling belittling from your children. It doesn’t do anything for anyone’s self esteem.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get through this I would greatly appreciate them. I have already talked to Taylor’s teacher about the situation. We are working on setting up some play dates with some of the other kids in his class, and from around the neighborhood.


The Bost Family said...

Ill kill him. Just give me a name! You are the best mom I know you inspire me everyday. Im so lucky you are my sister and I get to learn from you. One day we will laugh at this because taylor will be overflowing with friends.

Also. In the fourth grade a little boy called me a boner. I kid you not! It hurt my feelings so bad. 1. I didnt like being called names and 2. I didnt know what a boner was. What I learned from the situation was1. What a boner was. 2. That I indeed did not look like a boner and 3. I didnt need that kid as a friend nor did i want him as a friend.

Life is tough lead by example. Give tlc a kiss from his favorite aunt.

Jenny said...

I was about to say something and then I got sidetracked and read Mary's comment...and, I just laughed out loud!

I'm praying for you guys!!!

sthanlon said...

And unfortunately it doesn't matter where you live, there is always someone who isn't nice or hasn't been taught to make good decisions. Sadly we have had to experience it in every state we have lived! All you can do is teach your own kids right from wrong and pray for them every day! (and have those talks with the teachers and your kids in hopes that something will be learned from the situation) Those friendships will develop....I really think it's the age....and we are even still working on it. Hang in there! (we need to get him and Ben together....wish Marietta was closer)

Char said...

I am so sorry that our precious Taylor had this happen to him. I am totally amazed and excited at how God hears our every prayer and answers us. What a great testimony! You are doing a great job. Just continue to teach your children to love one another and to be always mindful of other's feelings. The best way to get back at a bully is to love him/her unconditionally. I am wondering if this child is lashing out at TLC because he/she is jealous of him?
I love you guys and will be praying extra for Taylor. Please give him a big ole smooch and hug from Nene.